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update..what's today, May 30, 2014? was on the web today that research with laser light has shown that it can regenerate dentine growth in teeth...the stem cells  in the tooth are illuminated with just enough laser light, and they grow!...doubt these experiments will proceed to success in the dental office anytime soon, soon being what my old teeth need!, but this is very cool!!!

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A Thought Hobby: I have in my noggin a collection of Thought old one is about Optical Bio Physics, which I forget just how I got started on, but somewhere I saw an illustration of a cell which had like little Antennae Dishes, and the notion was that cells tele communicate....of late, I've begun to wonder if they even have a kinda media, weblike!...or to borrow from Starwars, where one community of cells has a name I cant recall (see quote below), Forcelike!....anyway, there are discussions here and there on the web of such musings. and I like this quote very much, as it is just the kind detective like reasoning that may actually lead somewhere...

It is well known that retinal
photoreceptors are capable of meeting criterion 3 (receiving light) and 4 (processing light into information); it is proposed that retinal photoreception represents a functional specialization for reception of light in an evolutionary sense in the same way that macroscopicbioluminescence is a functional specialization for light emission: both specializations must be built upon more rudimentary capabilities of relatively primitive cells.


The sense of this is that our eyes see, and fireflies can emit light (bio luminescence), this at our scale, which suggests, William Blake would follow this!, that cells can do this cell to cell on their micro scale....that cells are 'primitive', and, 'rudimentary' is kind of iffy.....along with 'must be built'...the web is more than an electrical nuts and bolts grid, it is the information being received and transmitted--our emotions....just so our bodies composed of cells, which we regard as monoliths, are suggested by all this to be realms within realms!

Midi-chlorians are amicroorganism first mentioned inThe Phantom Menace. They are microscopic life-forms that reside within the cells of all living things and communicate with the Force.[6] They are symbionts with all other living things and without them life could not exist. The Jedihave learned how to listen to and coordinate the midi-chlorians. While every living being thus has a connection to the Force, one must have a high enough concentration of midi-chlorians in one's cells in order to be a Jedi or a Sith.[7][8]
Creator George Lucas says that the midi-chlorians are based on theendosymbiotic theory.[9]

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palustrine Wetlands


The park contains three major types of wetland: Riverine, Lacustrine, and Palustrine



In the middle of the 19th century, Yosemite Valley encompassed vast palustrine emergent wetlands that extended in places from valley wall to valley wall.


Doing searches that uses words from the Vocabulary...the jargon the plan makers use...brings up stuff...but it's a slog to read through it!....and it's all a bit like looking at the Valley from Glacier Point...I see little in it of on the ground walkabouts...for instance it touts it's satellite maps!...I'd rather John Muir's sketches...many of which I found the other night!...I'll post up about that!


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Water Level Boulder Mallards

This post belongs over in Fauna and Flora (what seems to happen is the last blog I post to goes to the top of the list...Fauna and Flora is usually at top..I think...because of active posting!..but last nite 'Tree in the Door' was top...and I didn't catch this and posted to wrong blog!!)...but I might use the pics and clip there's a water level boulder...actually a kinda rock the Yangtze River in China...and then there's the Old Egyptian water gauge carved into stone on the that I think of it...oh!...if it wasn't so late I'd work this up!!...for sometime...

Plan Maps

The Creek is way over on the left edge...those familiar with the Valley will recognize nearly everything...a pretty good map...and the text at the site uses the vocabulary of those...who use that vocabulary!...see for oneself with the link!
I'm still mulling over Vacant Lots...because things haven't been posted to Tree in the Door for awhile...doesn't mean things haven't been thought!...delays happen, I'd say!!
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Moraine

At the West end of the Valley is the Glacial Moraine...just about where Bridal Veil Falls one time...well.... before it was blown up...the Moraine blocked the Merced enough that it caused water to fill the Meadows...making much of the Valley a kinda Spring High Water...I imagine most of it!...and I was thinking on the value of Wetlands today over in Two Top Pine Meadow...the Ponds over there are beginning to recede...but this evening I saw more and different birds in one place thant I have anywhere in the Valley....lots of still water...lots of mud...and grasses and bugs...and if not for the Moraine's sorta dam being gone...there would be a lot more of this!...dont know but something like this is going on at Mirror Lake....

now!'s a curio!...Galen Clark writes up a lament about the Valley in 1907...


It may be interesting to the Public to know the cause of there being in recent years so much more activity in the river currents cutting away the river banks than during the earlier known history of Yosemite. When the El Capitan Iron Bridge was built in 1879 it was located across the narrow channel of the river between the two points of what remains of an old glacial terminal moraine. The river channel at this place was filled with large boulders which greatly obstructed the free outflow of the flood waters in the spring, causing extensive overflows of the low meadowland above, greatly interfering with travel, especially to Yosemite Falls and Mirror Lake. In order to remedy this matter the large boulders in the river channel at the Bridge were blasted and the fragments leveled down so as to give a free outflow of the flood waters. This increased the force of the river currents which now commenced its greater eroding work on the river banks and as the winding turns become more abrupt the destructive force annually increases. Some thorough system of protection should be promptly used to save the river banks from further damage.


and here...the culprit that dynamited the Moraine!...


The road crosses the El Capitan recessional moraine. This Tioga till impounded the waters of the latest Lake Yosemite (Matthes, 1930). Early visitors to Yosemite Valley were treated to mosquito-ridden swamps because the recessional moraines impeded the flow of the Merced River. In 1879, Galen Clark had a deeper channel blasted through the moraine (Schaffer, 1997). The resulting lower water table may have allowed conifers to encroach the meadows at the lower part of the valley, and the river has entrenched several feet into the valley floor. The action did ease the mosquito problem, though.


In the lament, Clark too mentions the encroachment of the conifers...basically the Valley floor was allowed to dry doesn't seem likely in any conceivable scenario that it can be returned to being a wetland....

And this...

Two Top Pine meadow was control burned last Fall...and the Ponds there have black mud fact...the whole Meadow is kinda sticky slushy...over in Cook's there's no open black mud...the Hummocks are thriving...the Ponds sorta being taken over by the Grasses... Two Top may be the only meadow that is even remotely like what it was before the Tourists(no, I've learned Two Top was once plowed and pasture, while, from an overheard conversation, Cook's has never been plowed, which suggests it looks like a preTouirst Meadow...oh, but this something to determine! 8/3/10) I imagine the Indians in their Fall control burns kept the Meadows in an optimal wetland condition for the critters.

The Merced of course is now rip rapped in many places which prevented further wild erosion...the Creek from Wee Bridge to Lower spite of protests that the paths and walk bridges would damage its hydrology...has pretty wild fact I wonder if in twenty years or less it will begin to erode right up to the Bridge...right now it bends just at the last minute...from Wee Bridge to the Merced the Creek is rip rapped and banked...with some erosion...

What Clark recalls is the 'oxbows'...when the Creek and Merced were wild...they made loops through the Valley...the Floor being that flat...and the Moraine just enough of a dam to back things up all the way to Mirror Lake. The old loops are still visible in the Meadows...what I've been calling Ponds.


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Infinitesimals have been used to express the idea of objects so small that there is no way to see them or to measure them. For everyday life, an infinitesimal object is an object which is smaller than any possible measure. When used as an adjective in the vernacular, "infinitesimal" means extremely small, but not necessarily "infinitely small".


from wikipedia

well...on PBS there was a show with a Naturalist standing beside a lake in Central Park...making the lament...that if he had another life to live he'd be a Naturalist again...but would concentrate on micro should be careful what one one wishes for...if the transmigration of souls has might come back as a micro organism!...brb...well...I went on a long search trying to find the bit in Ulysses by James Joyce about metampsychosis...reincarnation...and found this!...

How Did Buddhism Influence James Joyce and Kenji Miyazawa?

and it pinpoints the take I was looking for...


In the 4th episode Calypso, Bloom answers for Molly's question about metempsychosis. Bloom explains 1) Reincarnation and 2) metempsychosis:
1. Some people believe, he said, that we go on living in another body after death, that we lived before. They call it reincar- nation. That we all lived before on the earth thousands of years ago or some other planet. They say we have forgotten it. Some say they remember their past lives. (U 4.362-65)2. Metempsychosis, he said, is what the ancient Greeks called it. They used to believe you could be changed into an animal or a tree, for instance.What they called nymphs, for example. (U 4.375-77)


I gave my Kenji book of tales to a good friend a long time ago...and I spent a lot of money for it!...but was so taken with the tales that I had to have it...this was like one of the first expensive hardback books I ever bought just to read...thinking of text books and such...bought lots of those! was called Winds from Afar...and can be found for bargan prices now!...

But this fellow standing by the Lake in Central Park...brb...he started up something that's on the web now called EOL...Encyclopedia of Life...


Become a curator for a species page. Volunteer to be the curator (authenticator) for one or more of the minimal species pages. To do so, click here and send us your name, institutional affiliation, and the name(s) of the page(s) you would like to curate.


That's almost word for word an idea I posted to GEnie twenty some years ago...what I had in mind was everyone to adopt their favorite critter..species...and sort of sponser was an idea to confront the fact that most people dont know what specie are endangered because they simply never heard of them!...and I envisioned everyone with their own web would be a blog now...

and now I can explain something!....I wanted to chose a dolphin species...and when I began studying out the USS Panay...I came on the story of the Yangtze Baiji Dolphin...and adopted them...along with the Panay of course...the Yangtze White Dolphins are gone now...sigh..

“He who would do good to another must do it in Minute Particulars" James Joyce

I snagged that from a myspace google page bit...the page opened...played loud music...and wouldn't shut off!...dont know where Joyce said it...

And Fergusons on again..keeping me awake!..or asleep...maybe I'm a butterfly!

Here's wiki's bio of E.O.Wilson..the fellow by the lake...

and EOL just started up in Feb. 2008...


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Trying to Stay Awake

The Sufis have a kinda slogan..."we're asleep in this world"...or something like that...brb...



by Rumi

First he appeared in the realm inanimate;

Thence came into the world of plants and lived

The plant-life many a year, nor called to mind

What he had been; then took the onward way

To animal existence, and once more

Remembers naught of what life vegetive,

Save when he feels himself moved with desire

Towards it in the season of sweet flowers,

As babes that seek the breast and know not why.

Again the wise Creator whom thou knowest

Uplifted him from animality

To Man's estate; and so from realm to realm

Advancing, he became intelligent,

Cunning and keen of wit, as he is now.

No memory of his past abides with him,

And from his present soul he shall be changes.

Though he is fallen asleep, God will not leave him

In this forgetfulness. Awakened, he

Will laugh to think what troublous dreams he had.

And wonder how his happy state of being

He could forget, and not perceive that all

Those pains and sorrows were the effect of sleep

And guile and vain illusion.

So this world

Seems lasting, though 'tis but the sleepers' dream;

Who, when the appointed

Day shall dawn, escapes

From dark imaginings that haunted him,

And turns with laughter on his phantom griefs

When he beholds his everlasting home.

R. A. Nicholson


Starting out on the evening walkabout behind the Cabin, I was was 'Hello, how are you doing?"...the usual greeting!...and I answered...'Trying to stay awake!"....and I meant it I had just woke up from a nap...and felt like curling up some more!....but on the walk about I got to thinking....the 'close observation of Nature' effort is like trying to stay awake...awake to Nature inspite of all the hullabaloo!...and I recollected the Sufi slogan...but hadn't seen Rumi's bit I find tonight!...which is knockdown...

quote again...

Remembers naught of what life vegetive,
Save when he feels himself moved with desire
Towards it in the season of sweet flowers,
As babes that seek the breast and know not why.


but let me get the 'sleep' bit I'm more familiar with...


Buddha founded his Path on the human fact of suffering. Islam gives the basic situation in which we find ourselves a slightly different interpretation: man in his ordinary state of consciousness is literally asleep ("and when he dies he wakes," as Mohammad said). He lives in a dream, whether of enjoyment or suffering - a phenomenal, illusory existence. Only his lower self is awake, his "carnal soul." Whether he feels so or not, he is miserable. But potentially the situation can be changed, for ultimately man is not identical with his lower self. (The Prince of Balkh, Ibrahim Adham, lost in the desert while hunting, chased a magic stag, which turned on him and asked, "Were you born for this?") Man's authentic existence is in the Divine; he has a higher Self, which is true; he can attain felicity, even before death ("Die before you die," said the Prophet). The call comes: to flight, migration, a journey beyond the limitations of world and self.

Introduction to the Sufi Path
by Peter Lamborn Wilson


That's taken from the top of the search...but let me find Shah's take...brb...


This is a 1972 mass market pb printing from Penguin in very good condition with no marks other than light stains on page edges. Aptly titled, "Reflections," is a collection of fables, aphorisms, and statements that challenge the conditioned, assumptive manner we use when thinking of and interacting with others and ourselves. These reflections-whose effect is similar to being shaken out of sleep-offer insight on many levels.


there should be a better bit's a good long tale that address the question..."What do the Sufi's mean..."To be in the world but not of it.""...

But it's a theologon's argument...and isn't going to stop global warming...where is that other Sufi slogan!..."Trust in God...and tie up your donkey!"


‘Trust in God, but tie your camel first.’ The economic organization of the trans-Saharan slave trade between the fourteenth and nineteenth centuries...;jsessionid=68E6B1CBB3159AA1C1EC347EF7F65F7D.tomcat1?fromPage=online&aid=454808

or the guest workers in Arabia...

that slogan attributed to Mohammed gets plugged into a lot of things..

here's a whole list of 'camel' proverbs...

well...nothing much can fit into a nutshell...brb...


The central concept in Sufism is love. Dervishes—the name given to initiates of sufi orders—believe that love is a projection of the essence of God to the universe.They believe that God desires to recognize beauty, and as if one looks at a mirror to see oneself, God looks at himself within the dynamics of nature. This is substantiated using the famous Hadith Qudsi (extra-Qur'anic utterance of God): "I was a hidden treasure, and I wanted to be known, so I created Creation." Since they believe that everything is a reflection of God, ...


I suppose I can curl up with that one!