Friday, February 29, 2008

Bird Signs

Well...somehow here I'm gonna work this pic and clip in with that quote from the movie Troy...that went something like:

Achilles: "You use bird signs to plan statagey?"

I forget how to spell Odin's Ravens names...brb...from wiki...which has a cool pic....


Hugin and Munin travel the world bearing news and information they have collected to Odin. Hugin is "thought" and Munin is "memory". They are sent out at dawn to gather information and return in the evening. They perch on the god's shoulders and whisper the news into his ears. It is from these ravens that the kenning 'raven-god' for Odin is derived.


I was out by Swinging Bridge sitting on a picnic bench...feeling disonsolate as I do when no critters are around...and resorted to taking pics and clips of the Ravens...not to disparage the Ravens!...but they are around everday...probably the strongest critter hereabouts...but I'd seen one under the bench...and another in the I thought to pan from one to the other...and when I was on the one under the bench it pulled out the box...and the other Raven showed too...

Now...I'm...I'm a bit superstitious...and have no Ancient skills in bird unsure this even is one...though it puzzels...and is sharp edged in different ways!brb...


The art of augury concerns the taking and interpreting signs from nature in order to determine the will of the gods. Chrysippus (2.130) defined divination as the power to see, to understand, to interpret the signs that are given to men by the gods. But augury is not a form of divination as we usually think of such, in that it does not attempt to foretell future events. Instead a course of action is proposed, such as the planning of a wedding or plans to erect a public building, and the gods are consulted as to whether they approve or not.
More specifically, augury concerns signs brought from the gods by birds.


hmmm...that from a "bird augury" search...brb..and here's a wiki site on "auspice"...oh...this deepens the word "auspicous"... I found it...


The Romans had an official college of augurs, the members of which were originally three patricians. About 300 B.C. the number of patrician augurs was increased by one, and five plebeian augurs were added. Later the number was again increased to fifteen. The object of augury was not so much to foretell the future as to indicate what line of action should be followed, in any given circumstances, by the nation.

from a site on Bygone Beliefs


Last night I put the dvd of the movie The Good Sheperd in the player...just watched the beginning...but with this post in the background, I thought...What nowadays corresponds to the ancient augurers??...

The Ravens like to roll around in the snow.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Crystal Creature

NBA was the post game...TV is back....

from last nite:...I think it was Omni with the information universe story...brb...I think the cover has a dissolving butterfly...if I could find a site with the covers I could find it....if I have the right's not published anymore...

which reminds me of the opening scene of the first Star Wars movie...the back end of the Arrow Head shaped starships...there was a science fiction book...ace double maybe...or a Analog...that had just this scene with arrowhead ships...I used to draw them!...this is like junior high or earlier...I was smitten with that opening when I first saw Star Wars..I've tried to find it...going through Ace double covers...and there's another old memory I've done this with...the Crystal Creature story in Amazing Comics...I think! I've gone through those covers too...there's one I found...but not the right one...this creature was fun to draw's how I spent much of my time I'm afraid in early school...drawing dinosaurs and ships and planes and such! Oil Demons aren't the one...but looks like a cool plot!! I found the Crystal Creature! was Detective Comics and "crystal creature" at this site brought it up...

and that is very cool!
The Crystal Creature was created by an atomic radiation leak...and had an insatiable hunger for metal...I think I have that right...I'll have to get that old comic! was like one of the last I bought as a kid..I just grew out of them...started reading books...I might grow back into them!...collecting is fun...I'm still after nabisco cereal dinosaurs..but the last second bidding takes them out of reach!...apparently there's a program that will make these bids.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Got Reggae playing on N.

Watched the whole show, Nova's Absolute Zero...and it's interesting as there is a tie in to my thinking on the Ages...though a wide roundabout!...

Daniel and the Greeks listed the metals...Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron...which..if I'm not close to the order on the Periodic Table...Bronze of course is a compound...tin and copper...but that snagged my thought...and made me wonder if the ancients ordered the "elements"...or whatever they called things...brb...

well...the Greeks thought of things as Earth, Air, Water, and Fire...and that's dissappointing...I'd think they would have collected minerals and distinguished them...maybe they did...but it's lost...lemego see if tin and copper are heavier than atomic weights the order is silver bronze(tincopper) iron. Could..or did...the Greeks have a list of substances by weight!?

And now, the Absolute Zero show listed things by temperature...where gases became solids and liquids...things normally solid can be made into liquids and gasses if heated up enough!!..i think...'s a site that has what I was thinking of!...I wanted to see the periodic table...the relation of the elements to one another in that peculiar lay out..and the temperatures and how they overlapped on it is!!

brb...gotta just look at this awhile!...tin silver gold copper iron...the order of those by melting points...which are freezing points too!...brb

well...I did a "why things melt" and "how things melt"...and it's a bit of a mystery...though wiki answers has it covered "when things are heated up they melt"!...this site tells the idea current..


When ice cubes melt, the solid crystals turn to water. It’s pretty simple, right? Not really, says physics professor Arjun Yodh, the James M. Skinner Professor of Science. “Melting is one of the most fundamental phenomena in physics, and yet there are lots of things we don’t understand about it..


there's an idea out there that the whole universe can be thought of as information...kinda just like the programming code that makes computers work...and mathematics that use this notion can explain a lot of things..or portray them in novel ways...brb...


. What is the Fundamental Element of Our "Reality"?
Speculation and investigation about the nature of our universe is at least as old as recorded history. Early philosophers theorized that the most fundamental element in the universe was water. Later, as scientific knowledge began to mature, our view of the universe became more complex, and for many years there was a widely accepted belief that the four primary elements in our universe were earth, air, water, and fire. Later investigations have centered around chemical elements, then molecular structure, atomic elements, electrons, quarks, and so on.
More recently, the advent of quantum physics and the concepts comprising quantum mechanics have resulted in speculation by some of the world’s foremost thinkers that the most fundamental building block of the perceivable universe is none of these. It is in fact information.

The Quantum Universe: An Information Systems Perspective
Wm L. Duncan


Well...that turned up a lot easier than I thought!...and fits right in!...brb...I have to try and read it now!! doesn't give an idea about "how things melt" could be modeled with an "information" explanation..basically what they are saying is the universe is dreamlike...susceptible to the subtleties of our emotions...I think they are thinking they can think things in and out of clever...and self centered!

I first read about this in a magazine that had a clever illustration on the cover...a normal looking person dissolving...melting!...into o and xs...or something like that!'s getting deep!..

from "universe is a computer" search:


Wolfram himself is a lapsed elementary particle physicist, and I suppose he can't resist trying to apply his experience with digital computer programs to the laws of nature. This has led him to the view (also considered in a 1981 article by Richard Feynman) that nature is discrete rather than continuous. He suggests that space consists of a network of isolated points, like cells in a cellular automaton, and that even time flows in discrete steps. Following an idea of Edward Fredkin, he concludes that the universe itself would then be an automaton, like a giant computer. It's possible, but I can't see any motivation for these speculations, except that this is the sort of system that Wolfram and others have become used to in their work on computers. So might a carpenter, looking at the moon, suppose that it is made of wood.

Is the Universe a Computer?
By Steven Weinberg
A New Kind of Science
by Stephen Wolfram
Wolfram Media, 1,197 pp., $44.95

Feynman is interesting...his anecdotal books for the layman are entertaining...and maybe more complex than the first impression!!

Of course much of all this I cant make heads or tails....

Curious the author talks about 'broken symmetry"...when a thing's symmetry breaks down...I think I have that right...brb...


In organic chemistry Carnelley’s Rule established in 1882 by Thomas Carnelley, states that high molecular symmetry is associated with high melting point


Yes!..above is where I just saw it...I dont know if that works in inorganic chemistry...the tin more symmetrical than gold? is more amorphous...soft...I guess...and couldn't search that thought out!!'s very late..I need to go to sleep...
for the sleepless...


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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stone Age

I opened a second window and have
PBS Nova: Absolute Zero playing...

tried to get Late Late Night...but it doesn't seem to be there....

It seems I tried to do this when I first had my laptop...but couldn't do it...dont know how long the networks have been offering up episodes...kinda neat!

These boulders are over where the cave..."one hundred yards from the parking lot" where the spear point was found...there's lots of spaces and caves under the tumbled boulders.

Want to look up the Russian Mammoth bone huts...and just how large the Stone Age population was in Europe and's wiki's list of Time Periods...

brb...'s wiki on population history of the Americas...

I cant find a number for Cro Europe...but this link is to a fine site!!


Most of this cave art was made deep inside caves, in hard to get to dark areas. It is assumed that because of the locations, these areas were very likely sacred and that the art was inspired by concerns with the supernatural. The majority of the figures are realistic looking herd animals, many of which are shown either wounded or pregnant.


The Finns are apparently the closest nowadays to the size and shape of the Cro Magnons...and that's not too far away from ancestory..Norway! the mammoth huts...brb...

Here's a site that tells the tale of the mammoth bone huts...and then some...very cool...

And what a time it must have been!

search 10,000 BC Trailer...will bring up the coming movie's one

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Spear Points

TVs still a minute here I'm gonna put a DVD in the desktop...I just miss the sound! continue with the Ages....there's the Stone Age...the Bronze Age...the Iron Age...and then once the inventors got a hold of things...almost an Age for each invention!...but there's a mystery about the Clovis Points...brb!...


Around 10,000 BCE, a new type of fluted projectile point called Folsom seems to emerge, replacing the Clovis-style points over much of the continental United States.


Time was inventions came more slowly...though projectiles were a popular thing then as now!...this following quote reminds me of a show on the evolution of bullets!...


Dixon began to mix the anagenetic and cladogenetic models in his Bones, Boats, & Bison. He had Clovis disappear as it evolved into Folsom and Goshen. Subsequently, Folsom and Goshen disappear as they evolve into the several types of the Plano or late Paleoindian (1999:152). But, from a different perspective, he held fast to the anagenetic model. Clovis, Folsom and Goshen are thin-bodied projectiles. The projectiles of the Plano are thick-bodied. Dixon anagentically evolved thin-bodied projectiles into thick-bodied projectiles at the beginning of the Plano.

Clovis First / Pre-Clovis Problem Revisited 2004
Tony Baker

September 15, 2004


The film show at the Mono Lake visitor center ends with an Indian woman finding a spear head in a stream...and then returning it to where it lay...a kinda theme film of...take pictures and leave only footprints....but...were spear heads found hereabouts!?...brb..


The most recent find and possibly
the most important was made in Yo-
semite Valley, in a cave, about 100
yards along the trail to Yosemite
Falls from the parking lot. Here, in
the center of a small, nearly inacces-
sible room in the cave, an obliquely
flaked spear point was found on
August 2, 1951, by Mr. Ronald Smart


Well...that's nearby!!...brb....uploaded pic from same site..pdf
and worth readng!!
This point is a clue to how long the Valley has had visitors!
just to add to the ball of confusion...
Both the video Mysterious Origins of Man and the book Forbidden Archaeology, claim that artifacts found in the gold-bearing gravels of California provide convincing evidence of the existence of modern man in California around 55 million years ago. In the 1880's, they claim that gold miners found pestles, mortars, ladles, and spear points within Tertiary gravel deposits underlying volcanic rocks that cap Table Mountain within Tuolumne County, California. These finds were reported by both D. J. Whitney (1880) and Becker (1891).
AbstractIn 1880, Harvard University’s Peabody Museum of Natural History published The Auriferous Gravels of the Sierra Nevada of California, by Dr. Josiah D. Whitney, state geologist of California. In this book, Whitney documented extensive discoveries by California gold miners of advanced human artifacts and anatomically modern human skeletal in undisturbed Tertiary deposits. According to modern geological reporting, most of the discoveries occurred in Eocene river channels, capped by solid layers of Miocene latite several hundred feet thick. The discoveries attracted the attention of scientists worldwide, but were rejected primarily because they contradicted the then emerging Darwinian picture of human evolution. With the discovery of prehuman Pithecanthropus in the early Pleistocene of Java, a human presence in the Tertiary was considered theoretically impossible.
well..and a video to watch!..dvd can!...just a bruhaha!...anyway...brb...'s on youtube!...and is playing now..Charleton Heston's "sound" google: Mysterious Origins of Man youtube
but I wanted to look up Yuma points...brb...well...the Valley point does look like a FolsomYuma point...and very close to the Clovis...
I think I'd faint if I just happened on an arrowhead!...I dont know if anything connects a modern man with an ancient man more than a projectile!!...just the thought that it was made and fashioned and used...a real treasure..then..and now.
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Sunday, February 24, 2008


TV is still out...and the Reggae is on..

I got to thinking about all the Ages my generation has seen...other night an ex Mouseketeer...and my age!...sat down while I was at lunch and we reminisced...and that's one Age that began with the Magic Kingdom...then there's things like TV...and Space...and the's a bit much...geologically...and for most of human history...speaking....I mean...the Stone Age lasted for maybe millions of years....the Bronze for thousands...the Iron hundreds...nowadays we go through Ages almost yearly!!

There's a kinda line that can be drawn between the Geologic Ages...before people...and when people show the was in a millions of years steady a Climax Forest...and then the Indians came...and I dont think it was that long the Valley was likely full of mosquitoes in the Summer...and there's tons more food at the lower elevations...I think the coming of the Spanish...and then the miners...may have forced them to the higher elevations...they did trade back and forth across the Sierra for a long time...and Indian artifacts have been found all over the Sierra and at very high elevations...but there's no middens..leastwise that I've heard about...hereabouts...and so the Valley's 'Age" I think began with Hutchings and Ayers...the first tourists!

And it's very different to have these Ages popping up and disappearing willy's not evolutionary at all...though terms like "the evolution of aviation" are often heard...evolution is a very slow process...kinda like a reverse of the erosion that brings down mountain the Glaciers that made the Valley...that was slow...maddeningly slow for anyone eager for the next electronic gadget...each species is the result of millions of years of Nature's tinkering...and each ecosystem likewise...I dont think people appreciate this when they are bulldozing a chaparral hillside for a house...the Elfin Forests are old...cleared away in fires and floods..they regenerate and those plants and animals have been there for millions years! Tide pools too...they are old!...then the field trip kids come along and turn over all the rocks...I want to do a post of Tide Pools...but will have to vacation to see them...which I haven't for too long!...

Where was I?...sometime I listen to and go through on N. the old Billboard's Best Songs for each year...they dont have them all...lot of artists wont release to online song sites...but a lot of them...and going through year by year one can follow the Ages of popular music...

I really like that Hopeton Lewis, Boom Shacka Lacka..."gonna thank the Lord...for the grass...the bird's singing..."....looked for the lyrics but couldn't find web page with them...or much about's an old song...sixties...won award in 1970...

Other day...Last Chance crowded as usual...and at break a friend sat down across from me...and before eating said their silent prayer...when this happens I always sit quiet with respect until they finish...myself I just mumble something to myself with no show..when I remember...mostly I'm afraid I forget grace and just dig in like most everyone else!!

I think Brittany was a Mouseketeer...and needless to say has going through...Ages..."Not uncommon nowadays." I told a friend, incredulous how someone successful stumbles.

Well..a search brought up Hopeton Lewis' web site...

site has unworking menu in just "Hopeton Lewis" does okay...

Jesus of course began the Christian Age.

A search brought up Amy Grant and her album "Age to Age"..."Next Time I Fall" she sings too...and tried to find it..a top song in 1986...instead listening to Whitney Houston...

Here's one on the Evolution of Flight...with an interesting note that evolution is in the here and now..and doesn't anticipate the future...that's something people can do...but often dont!!

there's a whole bunch that come up with google "evolution of flight" search!

And here's one of the fellows...and some say the first for powered flight...Santos Dumont...that began our "Age of Flight" on a youtube...

and there's a whole bunch of those!!
Pic is Dumont.
Well...I got to thinking about the movie Karate Kid...which has the sound I recalled...and did have song from Peter Cetera who sings with Amy Grant "The Next Time I Fall"...and it's on's Cetera's voice I recalled...
Without memory there is only the here and now...
And of course a Youtube search brings up a song video!...and a bunch!
Peter Cetera and Amy Grant singing "The Next Time I Fall"....
Well...once your in an're in it...willynilly...and it's now the Age of the Web...and I dont think anyone anticipated it!

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The TV is out...storm has knocked down something...probably the antennae cable reggae playing from N.

Somehow I want to work up these Ages of Man posts to what Science has to say about "ages"...I was gone on Dinosaurs when I was a kid...and can wrap my thoughts around Time and the distant past...a lot of people can''s scary...the bigness and oldness of the Earth, and the Stars and's one about the size of things on Youtube...


That one shows the distances in light years...and mentions the extinction of the dinosaurs sixty five million years ago and has the galaxies whose light has taken that long to travel to earth.

It is all very big, old...and scary.

But I wanted an entry into the Ages of Man according to scientific discoveries...and of course prior are the Age of Dinosaurs...and others...brb...
well...there I found what I of those illustration showing the Ages..geologic time ages....see pic!

But all those critters had teeth...or beaks...or lemego see about teeth and the 'incessant chewing' of the Ages!!..brb...


Their palatal and jaw structures were identical to those of early tetrapods, and their dentition was identical too, with labyrinthine teeth fitting in a pit-and-tooth arrangement on the palate.
from wikipedia on tetrapods
We're tetrapods!
There's a movie coming out...Ten Thousand BC..
Boom Shaka lacka lacka is very cool!! Hopeton Lewis
addenda: "Reaching Out to Jesus" is the album name.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Philospher's DNA

Huel is on..out on the farm with horse drawn...lawnmowers...looks like haymaking....yes....before was Friends...

I need a description of the Philosopher's Stone I can work with's is okay...


The philosopher's stone (Latin: lapis philosophorum; Greek: chrysopoeia) is a legendary substance, supposedly capable of turning inexpensive metals into gold; it was also sometimes believed to be a means of making people younger, if not making them immortal. For a long time it was the most sought after goal in Western alchemy.
In the view of spiritual alchemy, making the philosopher's stone would bring enlightenment upon the maker and conclude the Great Work.

from wikipedia


lemesee who else has gone where I'm going with this...brb...well...sheesh..I guess someone has taken up where I was going...and then some!!


ScienceDaily (Feb. 4, 2008) — DNA is the blueprint of all life, giving instruction and function to organisms ranging from simple one-celled bacteria to complex human beings. Now Northwestern University researchers report they have used DNA as the blueprint, contractor and construction worker to build a three-dimensional structure out of gold, a lifeless material.


What I was thinking is that the new genetic engineers are using DNA like a Philosopher's Stone....I think of the Stone as the maker of all things...water is a universal solvent...DNA is like the universal blueprint maker for living things...well...there's a question if it is just a blueprint that was made!...or somehow make's itself...

brb..I'm losing control of a thought worse than Ovid!!...


Synthetic DNA on the Brink of Yielding New Life Forms
By Rick WeissWashington Post Staff Writer Monday, December 17, 2007; Page A01

"Most cells go about life like we do, with the intention to make more of themselves after eating," said John Pierce, a vice president at DuPont in Wilmington, Del., a leader in the field. "But what we want them to do is make stuff we want."


I suspect if someone explained DNA to a medieval alchemist..or even Sir Izaak!...they'd say, "OH!...the Philosopher's Stone...that's what we've been looking for..."

Needless to say, a gold rush is on for engineered DNA...literally even!...and the rapaciousness of the 49'rs tearing through the Sierra foothills...will seem quaint.


and needless to say if Olympic athletes become "engineered"...steroids will seem quaint...and the Games? improbable menagerie!...which brings the Island of Dr. Moreau to mind...didn't know HG Wells wrote that...and I cant find the fifties era movie....brb...


The winged globe, says H.G. Wells, is " to become the symbol of the New World Order when it overtly rules the world."


that from a Christian site warning about apocolytic Christian site might be better said..such sites could be said to be "ekphrasis" sites Tree in the Door...insomuch as they find things in the media to work off of...

But Well's was a conspiracist....and his works were implementations of his pursuit..though so entertaining readers could care less!..the apocolyptic Christian object to Harry Potter and the occult magic things..and the off shoots...but they are entertaining!...and movie goers and book readers could care less if some conspiracy is afoot...but lemesee about winged globes...


Well...that winged globe supposed quote of Wells has no reference...and from sites that have picked it seems to be made up...

Charlie Rose with panel of Oscar movie critics...

Here's an exact connect of the thinking I'm working on...


In the sections that follow, the authors' comments are evaluated in relation to the two afore-mentioned goals: identifying risk factors in populations as part of the broad mission of public health and developing applications for individual patients in clinical settings. Buchanan et al.1 state that our search for genetic causes of complex diseases is a ‘vain quest for the philosopher's stone’, and our time would be better spent promoting changes in diet and physical activity.

Commentary: The Human Genome: philosopher's stone or magic wand? Robert C Millikan

This could go on and on as all manner of authors pick up the metaphor of the Philosopher's Stone...for all manner of fearful things!
Pic is Van Gogh..Harvest...
When the genetic mutations begin to annoy the farmers...they'll rise up same as the farmers hereabouts did to stop the hydraulic mining....
Van Gogh could really paint!..that pic is a marvel!...

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Thursday, February 21, 2008


NBA was the news...SI swimsuits too...sigh...some guys have all the luck...

Anyway...I posed a question yesterday at break, "Why didn't gold prospectors discover the Valley instead of the Mariposa Battalion?"...and searched it out last night...

After the Mariposa Battalion's adventure..which ended with the Indians subdued and dispersed and the Valley discovered by Europeans..though Snowshoe Walker almost certainly saw it from the north rim...the following year...1852...eight gold prospectors made it to the Valley..and three were killed by the Indians..and the rest escaped to return with forty more miners bent on revenge..but the Indians had a frontier army patrol was sent...and they captured a few...and killed a few with the miner's clothes on...and the remaining Indians escaped to the East side where they stayed with the Mono Indians awhile..then the Indians left the Mono Lake area...stealing some of the Mono's horses...once back at the Valley they were set upon by the Monos who had followed...and nearly exterminated.

Now..after all these sad doings, the Valley was undisturbed for three years until Hutching's with his party, including the artist Ayers, came to the Valley..and gave a report of the Valley which was the beginning really, of the Valley's modern story.

There's two kinds of "gold" at work is the element, the metal, which is valued as money, money being a kindof Philosopher's Stone, as with it things are made...and "gold" as of our imaginations...the Valley startled everyone except the hardened mountain men with it's beauty...and it is our imaginations that create...and I suppose need the other "gold" for that purpose...and our imaginations are a "Philosphers Stone" too!!
Fortunately the Valley has no metal's lower down at such places as the "rock farm" area of hydraulic mining...on the Merced.
But it is full of golden imaginings!!

Now, as to Sports...the Olympics has those three medals..of three, silver, bronze...and since it is all derived from the old ties in with gold, silver, and bronze Ages of Man. The Ages are in one sense a sequential genesis story, and in another, a display of humanity's nature...and it's relation to Nature! And that's for tomorrow...


No one tracked the cost in environmental damage State is still paying for miners' heedless ravaging of landscape
By Chris BowmanBee Staff WriterPublished Jan. 18, 1998

Pic from wikipedia...hydraulic gold mining...lots of sites...on vacation as a kid, a visit to Stockton and the ranch of my Uncle and Dad and Uncle and I visitied one of these devastated areas...the memory is beside the scenes of the lumbered hills where the Redwoods once grew along the coast...Prarie Creek.


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Long Walk

Political news on CNN...web news has it the satellite has been destroyed...woke up in the wee hours and couldn't go back to sleep and PBS had documentary on about Kit Carson and the Navajo war...brb...Long Walk to Bosque Redondo it's called...

And they walked back after a treaty that returned their homeland...between the four sacred mountains...brb....

I thought Shiprock might be one of the it too is regarded as sacred and part of the holy lore of the Navajo...

It's a fortunate thing that their languageNation was permitted to return to their homeland...languageNations need turf...a home...

I may have met once a chief of the Navajo...I was sitting on a bench in Farmington and an elderly Navajo sat down beside me and related that when the oil companies discovered oil on the reservation, they needed someone to negotiate with and generally manage things...lacking a chief the Navajo made one...lemecheck if this is true..or near true...brb...


Ms. Chamberlain devotes most of her book to examining the political battles these questions engendered. Remarkably, the Navajo specifically created their first tribal council in 1923 to deal with the issues raised by oil.

Under Sacred Ground: A History of Navajo Oil 1922-1982. By Kathleen P. Chamberlain. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2000. xii + 177 PP. Illustrations, maps, bibliography, index. $35.00.


That...that's really cool...he will have been part of that council. A good friend hereabouts was Navajo...and left...the travails being too much...but could he hike!...back and forth to places like Merced Lake from the Valley...and he had made beautiful rugs...the Valley is a tough place to work...and even to a young tourist was lost last week...brb...oh!...the boyscouts were up by Colombia

and one ventured to near an edge...from Omygosh I can see Tree in the Door...that lookout was located for me by another Indian who would go up there for lunch break while hosting the Museum gallery.

I find it hard to study the Navajo lore...and the Zuni too...though it is very interesting...but I think you need to be a Navajo or Zuni to really grasp it...some of it was used at a friend's wedding...and it just seemed out of sorts with my familiarity with Christian weddings...not bad outofsorts...just outofsorts!'s own languageNation is one's own!
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Philosopher's Stone

Watched Dirty Jobs...How things are Made...and now Some Assembly's noted sometime by the Fine Arts that there is "art" in the industrial world too...and it's so...but since it's so common place and so commonly doesn't get much play...though these shows seem to have found an audience!!

A lot of carry over thoughts today from yesterday and the Ages of Man...but first some doing about the Cayman Island's and wiki's whistle blower site...brb...

"cayman wikipedia whistle" brings it all up...but it's a dust up unrelated it seems to any Pakistani doings in the Cayman banks...which is where I was in the earlier post...

wonder if the whistlers have a search tool?..brb...well...I'm a little hesitant to avoid a total dissappearance wikileaks just altered it's address in various ways...

but on to another thought...thought to track down the angels and angles...well...this isn't it...but a "list of errors" may be a good thing to have handy!!


People who want to write about winged beings from Heaven often miscall them “angles.” A triangle has three angles. The Heavenly Host is made of angels. Just remember the adjectival form: “angelic.” If you pronounce it aloud you’ll be reminded that the E comes before the L.
List of errors

unquote Myth Busters...mind control...

There's a movie Angels with Angles...and a song...Angels and Angles...oh..and this:


The Angles are the subject of a legend about Pope Gregory I which apparently has roots in history. Gregory happened to see a group of Angle children from Deira for sale as slaves in the Roman market. Struck by the beauty of their fair-skinned complexions and bright blue eyes, Gregory inquired about their background. When told they were Angles, he replied with a Latin pun that translates well into English: “Non Angli, sed angeli” ("Not Angles, but angels"). Supposedly, he thereafter resolved to convert their pagan homeland to Christianity.[citation needed]

from wikipedia


but still not what I was looking for!!..brb...but this is in the vein...


David Fideler has shown better than any other scholar in the field how the Solar qualities of Jesus were equated with the Early Christians, and exactly how those solar qualities of Jesus were also tied into the Greek ideas as well. Gematrically, it is an amazing correlation, as it is supposed to be. Instead of thinking that this is merely made up by man for the simple mental exercise of it, or that the ancients were merely showing off, John Michell has noted that the incredible correlations with geometric proportions in the New Jerusalem of the Revelation of John, and Stonehenge thousands of years earlier, and the Chapel at Glastonbury in England, as well as the Divine City of Plato’s Republic (!), "The essential feature of the legend of the New Jerusalem is that the City is not a creation of the intellect, but a revelation of the pre-existent order…"19 It is because we have not understood the ancient paradigms of cosmological reality that we have pooh poohed their accomplishments as mere coincidence, or a gentle nod with a condescending "Oh that’s nice." It’s not just "nice," it is the eternal order of things as understood with the laws of geometric proportions. We have done well with quantifying math for our own business purposes, but fail to realize that the ancients also thought of geometric proportions as qualities of the deities, because they are eternal laws which anyone can discover or learn for themselves. Let me show you yet another example geometrically what I am saying.


That site's about Honi the Circle Drawer!'s back there somewhere...and I think it might be Robert Lawlor, Sacred Geometry...angels are angles!

and I came home with this month's Scientific American to try and further the thought...fat chance!...brb...

I think a good good I mean one I can follow!...of the "Standard Model"...has something I've been thinking on..brb...


The guiding principle of the Standard Model is that its equations are symmetrical. Just as a sphere looks the same whatever your viewing angle is, the equations remain unchanged even when you change the perspective from which they are defined. Moreover, they remain unchanged even when the perspective shifts by different amounts at different points in space and time.


Well..the magazine is on line...and that't the passage I was thinking about...and it reminded me about how Species are so defined..."symetrical"...describe one individual and you have the behaviour of the whole species...and in the case of the Grey Whales..a reach back of thirty million years...oh...but I'll come back to this another time...

the thoughts I was having today were of Daniel's, Ovid's. Hesiod's, and Plato's...metal men...or in Daniel's think back then that these metals were seen as metaphors for human virtues..that there were other meanings too...Ages...and Daniel's...I forget...rise and fall of the Nation of Israel...or fall and rise...brb...


In his Alchemical Catechism, Paracelsus clearly denotes that his usage of the metals was a symbol:
Q. When the Philosophers speak of gold and silver, from which they extract their matter, are we to suppose that they refer to the vulgar gold and silver? A. By no means; vulgar silver and gold are dead, while those of the Philosophers are full of life.[3]

from wikipedia


brb....this belongs with an earlier post!


Paracelsus, sometimes called the father of toxicology, wrote:
German: Alle Ding sind Gift, und nichts ohn Gift; allein die Dosis macht, daß ein Ding kein Gift ist.
"All things are poison and nothing is without poison, only the dose permits something not to be poisonous."
That is to say, substances often considered toxic can be benign or beneficial in small doses, and conversely an ordinarily benign substance like water can be deadly if over-consumed.[4]


Well...what I started with here is the notion that the gold silver and bronze Ages of Man expressed the relation to Nature of each age...Plato expands the thought with his metal men..virtuous in a descending order from Gold....and I have the thought that Nature is Gold...that the animals are in a golden environment...harmonious might be the word...and with Humanity there is a descent from this Harmony...which was finely expressed in Opus last Sunday!...brb..

In it Opus is found unconscious in a dark bare room, with an electric his friends...he's over done it with "guitar hero"..and they take him out to the Meadow...and is revived by fresh air...dont know what CG is...brb...and I still dont know what "smok'n sweet CG" after a search!...though the context...Opus breathing in deep the air of the Meadow...kinda explains it...I guess...sigh...too many mysteries!!

Is the "Philsopher's Stone" a ...


But to particle physicists interested in pure science rather than potential technological spinoffs or economic and political benefits, the supercollider has a special quality. It is seen as a kind of Philosopher's Stone, a key to at least partial understanding of the ultimate basis of existence.


If the energy in a supercollider fireball is great enough, physicists hope to detect ripples in a hypothetical all-pervading medium they call the "Higgs Field," a field they compare with the familiar electromagnetic field. Just as photons cause ripples in the electromagnetic field, the passage of predicted supermassive particles called Higgs bosons would cause ripples in the Higgs Field, which may be detectable by the supercollider.
The Higgs Field, theorists speculate, interacts with material objects in such a way as to give them mass..


a Higgs Boson...or Higgs Field!...

ah!...the Meadow...


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Monday, February 18, 2008


Off and on...thought about Plato's Timarchy all day...brb...

Two and half men was on...then... then old or something...both funny...then CSI...and now local news...well..Fresno!...

to Plato...


Born in 1895, R. Buckminster Fuller lived his entire adult life in the shadows of the great social struggles over communism, National Socialism, Fabian socialism, and the social-democratic oligarchies created by the Wilsonian Democrats and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in cooperation with the Federal Reserve System. Fuller was only eighteen years old when connivance and conspiracy installed the Federal Reserve legislation, the federal income tax, and usurped the powers of Congress to keep complete control over the monetary standards of the States united. He was but twenty-two when the blood-soaked clouds of war moved from Europe over to the United States, and he enrolled at Annapolis to become a Naval officer. He served honorably in that God-forsaken slaughter known as "the Great War," believing with the other sons and daughters of the elite families, that they were "making the world safe for democracy." They were not. They were building the nest for that awful predatory beast which we now know as 'the national security state,' or -- by the definitions of governance given by Plato -- the national security Timarchy. This rarely used word is hard to find in modern dictionaries, but its meaning is now becoming crystal clear: a Timarchy is defined as the rule of society by a military aristocracy, wherein the elite members have rights and privileges, and the great mass of the people have none, or none of any consequence. The fundamental structure of a Timarchy can arise in any of a number of ways, and in this once-free republican union of States, it has been introduced by degrees, by stealth and by the multiple and repeated economic frauds of the Federal Reserve.



That's remarkable...that's pretty much what I was thinking!...apologies for the long quote's remarkable! The Federal Reserve angle I didn't have...but..well...letme explain the thoughts I had!

There was a karate book, or Kung Fu...that I picked and browsed...and in the introduction it explained a hierarchy of order and obedience...and it somehow put it that in where ever Nation the school was...the loyalties of the school where to the Nation...kindof a Masonic thing where they put the local holiest book on the stand...oh...this is difficult to explain...but the impression I got was the spread of karate schools all over with this Order...and while they were independent of one another...and remained under their respective Nation's laws...I wondered if they would always remain so!

And the other thought I had was how so many Nations are pushed into militarism by some threat...the Cold War of course the largest one...but I thought of the Koreas...the Middle East...the military rule of Pakistan...the military takeover of Thailand...I can just pull them out of the Hat!...Taiwan...and of late...Kosovo...brb...

Timarcy search brings up a lot of stuff!...more than a few concern the militarism...but in that same passage of Plato is something about the Great Year and the Precession of the Equinox...and here's a blogger all over it...

He connects the Mayan glyphs with DNA...and if I can ever find it again..there's a site that connects the Egyptian hieroglphys with DNA....

But letme go see something about these posts...brb...well...Lyndon Larouch is dragged into it at that first sound like the stuff the Larouche followers pursue...the kinda grist in their mill...anyway...I was after Kosovo...brb....


BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) — The U.S. and the European Union's biggest powers quickly recognized Kosovo as an independent nation Monday, widening a split with Russia, China and some EU members strongly opposed to letting the territory break away from Serbia.

from "two hours ago"


At any rate...our long childhood is so we can learn to be human...and to be a citizen of America...or whatever country one is raised in!....and it's really gotten to be up for grabs what kindof eduction children are being given...seems to me...that militarism permeates the education...and the entertainments that educate...the violent shoot 'em ups are certainly popular!!...and of the governments Plato and the Greeks explained, Timarchy seem the most appealing to the testestorone driven!!...I dunno...this is a ramble...but there is an underpinning to the media that suits a military aristocracy!

That one long site had something like my bond angles...that came up spell checking and finding I spelled angle angel...somewhere I read once someone had a connection between angles and angels!!...shoulda shoulda taken notes!!

I was looking through a Stamp fact was thinking that stamps would be a great way to teach American history in schools...and a revolutionay flag stamp with a pine tree on it caught my eye...


A favorite device in other colonial flags was the pine tree, called the liberty tree. In 1775 the minutemen bore a yellow flag with a pine tree on it. In New England the liberty tree device appeared on a yellow flag bearing the inscriptions “An Appeal to God” and “Dont Tread on Me.” The tree also appeared in the white canton of a red flag that, with other emblems, was borne by the Americans at the Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775. The first known American colonial flag with stars was that displayed in 1775 by the armed schooner Lee. The flag of the Lee was white. Near its center was a blue anchor partially enclosed by a scroll, and above the anchor was inscribed the word “Hope.” In the upper corner of the flag was a blue canton containing 13 five-pointed stars.


Pic is this flag...


This is a CONTINENTAL FLAG. It is NEW. This flag uses a version of the British Red Ensign with a New England Pine Tree substituted for the British Union Flag in the Canton. Believed to have been flown at the Battle of Bunker Hill.



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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Plato's Metal Men

NBA Allstars were Predator's a little much!

But Plato's metal men...brb...oh...they're in the train...


Modern science, by the extent of its generalization, has learned to indemnify the student of man for the defects of individuals by tracing growth and ascent in races; and, by the simple expedient of lighting up the vast background, generates a feeling of complacency and hope. The human being has the saurian and the plant in his rear. His arts and sciences, the easy issue of his brain, look glorious when prospectively beheld from the distant brain of ox, crocodile and fish. It seems as if nature, in regarding the geologic night behind her, when, in five or six millenniums, she had turned out five or six men, as Homer, Phidias, Menu and Columbus, was no wise discontented with the result. These samples attested the virtue of the tree. These were a clear amelioration of trilobite and saurus, and a good basis for further proceeding. With this artist, time and space are cheap, and she is insensible to what you say of tedious preparation. She waited tranquilly the flowing periods of paleontology, for the hour to be struck when man should arrive. Then periods must pass before the motion of the earth can be suspected; then before the map of the instincts and the cultivable powers can be drawn. But as of races, so the succession of individual men is fatal and beautiful, and Plato has the fortune in the history of mankind to mark an epoch.


and it's the star from Twister...with eyes closed the same thing!!...anyway...for goodness sake...that's Emerson's writing above...some essay on Plato...or just generally everything...thought to have some fun with the "plant" line!....but not quite the metal men...brb...

here's a site that done some contempaltion on the ages of man!...plato's a little strange...these metal men are in a part about military rule...brb

Well...the "military" genius is in the packing house...oh... it's gonna be a slaughter...


Timocracy, the government of a Timarchy and the form practised in Sparta, is similar in some respects to Soviet Communism. In the Timarchy, no person is allowed to have personal possessions and the lower classes work exclusively for the benefit of the upper classes.


Glover's chasing with the sprinklers's Rocky Balboa's gym!!....industrial hide and seek...and then a commercial...well...they moved into the ship and Glover gets him with the old up and under....


For when your guardians are ignorant of the law of births, and unite bride and bridegroom out of season, the children will not be goodly or fortunate. And though only the best of them will be appointed by their predecessors, still they will be unworthy to hold their fathers' places, and when they come into power as guardians, they will soon be found to fall in taking care of us, the Muses, first by under-valuing music; which neglect will soon extend to gymnastic; and hence the young men of your State will be less cultivated. In the succeeding generation rulers will be appointed who have lost the guardian power of testing the metal of your different races, which, like Hesiod's, are of gold and silver and brass and iron. And so iron will be mingled with silver, and brass with gold, and hence there will arise dissimilarity and inequality and irregularity, which always and in all places are causes of hatred and war. This the Muses affirm to be the stock from which discord has sprung, wherever arising; and this is their answer to us.


sheesh...that took a bit...and no flintlock!!

Actually...the commentators who say this is not a side by side...are wrong...what Plato is saying is that the the virtues of the Ages of Man...will get out of kilter...and too the relation of Mankind to Nature...and here is that notion of how humanity has to learn how to be human.

It's late...but Segal is next...

Timarchy seems to be rampant....
Pic is Plato by Raphael


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Saturday, February 16, 2008

"a person is smart...people are dumb..."

"a person is smart...people are dumb..."

Men in Black is on...before was Spiderman...I really like's got some great dialog and even makes a kinda sense!...Spiderman's a favorite too!

Oh...but to the next Age...Ages...


The Brazen Age

To this came next in course, the brazen age:

A warlike offspring, prompt to bloody rage,

Not impious yet...

The Iron Age Hard steel succeeded then:

And stubborn as the metal, were the men.

Truth, modesty, and shame, the world forsook:

Fraud, avarice, and force, their places took.

Then sails were spread, to every wind that blew.

Raw were the sailors, and the depths were new:

Trees, rudely hollow'd, did the waves sustain;

E're ships in triumph plough'd the watry plain.

Then land-marks limited to each his right:

For all before was common as the light.

Nor was the ground alone requir'd to bear

Her annual income to the crooked share,

But greedy mortals, rummaging her store,

Digg'd from her entrails first the precious oar;

Which next to Hell, the prudent Gods had laid;

And that alluring ill, to sight display'd.

Thus cursed steel, and more accursed gold,

Gave mischief birth, and made that mischief bold:

And double death did wretched Man invade,

By steel assaulted, and by gold betray'd,

Now (brandish'd weapons glittering in their hands)

Mankind is broken loose from moral bands;

No rights of hospitality remain:

The guest, by him who harbour'd him, is slain,

The son-in-law pursues the father's life;

The wife her husband murders, he the wife.

The step-dame poyson for the son prepares;

The son inquires into his father's years.

Faith flies, and piety in exile mourns;

And justice, here opprest, to Heav'n returns.


Ovid's kinda loosing control of things...but there it is...humanity at odds with the environment...Nature..and even quicker than Genesis, Ovid depicts mankind at odds with mankind!

The cats on the loose with the galaxy...

"To prevent war, the Galaxy is on Orion's belt."


Justice prevailed during the Brazen Age...then in the Iron, flees to Heaven...

That's a bit of a wonder...what's Ovid about!?..brb... And there's a side by side with Plato and his different metal men...for tomorrow!


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Friday, February 15, 2008

Silver Age

Watched the detective show Numbers...think that's what it's called...earlier was Drew....

Trying to think where I was with the Ages of Man...oh...focus!...the notion was how each age melded with the environment...with Nature....the Golden Age was the Acorn Eaters...and...Oh...lets say then humanity and environment were one....the Garden of Eden was the Golden Age...and then what happened!...Apple Eaters!

But it's curiosly exact that knowledge is what sets us apart from Nature...well...lemego see the second age...Bronze I believe...silver...brb...


The Silver Age

But when good Saturn, banish'd from above,

Was driv'n to Hell, the world was under Jove.

Succeeding times a silver age behold,

Excelling brass, but more excell'd by gold.

Then summer, autumn, winter did appear:

And spring was but a season of the year.

The sun his annual course obliquely made,

Good days contracted, and enlarg'd the bad.

Then air with sultry heats began to glow;

The wings of winds were clogg'd with ice and snow;

And shivering mortals, into houses driv'n,

Sought shelter from th' inclemency of Heav'n.

Those houses, then, were caves, or homely sheds;

With twining oziers fenc'd; and moss their beds.

Then ploughs, for seed, the fruitful furrows broke,

And oxen labour'd first beneath the yoke.


That might be a good site to find classics!

Had Ovid read the Bible?....brb...well...that search didn't find anything...but...did any Roman read the Bible??...or Greek??'s an odd thing that for all their interaction the mythologies of the ancients all seem to be in their own worlds...with similarities...but never cross references...Greek mythology doesn't borrow from Egyptian...or Sumarian...there all different yet the comparative mythographers will happily point out the similarities world wide...what I mean is the Greek myths never say that according to the Hebrews the world started this way....but then there's Ovid's creation...with it's Creator resembing the Biblical story...and actually it lines up better with the discoveries of modern science than most!!...and it's very different from the standard stories...and in thinking on this I imagine a religious story like say the Mormons' wouldn't include reference to other's stories!...religions are very self centered!!

And this Silver age is curiously exact the Bible the Apple Eaters knowledge is characterised as having to do with romance...but in truth what took humanity out of the Garden...or ascendent over Nature...was the knowledge of Time...of the Seasons...and how crops grow...all those ancient monuments...the Pyramids and Stonehendge and such...were very important to the farmers....Animals of course have knowledge of the fact that is their whole one with Nature they are...and they dont need cribs to remember... like Pyramids....which is odd in a way...while we have remarkable memories...and can add to them with records...we are woefully forgetfull...requiring a long childhood to learn how to get along and remember being human!!

Eating apples was one thing...growing them another!!


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Frost Line

Well...this is a digression from the digressions!...Nat. Geo. had show on about the formation of the Solar System and explained that out beyond the asteroid belt is something called the 'frost line''s where gasses freeze because they are in orbit too far from the sun to stay vapor...which makes the outer planets big snowballs...I think I have that right...brb...I guess that's okay...

When I came up with snowball thoughtHobby that was a question...where in orbit around the sun would water stay frozen?...the answer seems to be...out beyond the asteroids...thinking on this now I have to wonder if the big gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn would have some of the features of my snowball!...I bet there's life in those big as opposed to on!!...I've got Dolphins in my snowball!!

And there's a snowball problem overhead!...seems the toxic fuel in the spy satellite has frozen solid and will survive re missles are targeting the failed satellite in the hope of shattering open the tank...and the fuel will burn up in re entry...this is very curious business!'s been done before...this from the blogs!! regular news and the conspiracy sites are thin...

Pournelle's sick...I wish him well...I find his site sometimes disagreeable...but a provocative source!...and always amusing!


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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Animal Planet on...a make over for a Trumpeter Swans habitat...before was the story of the Mormon's on PBS...and before The Matrix at the Down where I had spagetti...I dont know what's happened to my blogger spell checker!!...used to work...must have clicked something!..

The Wildabeast migration might be getting messed up by global warming...brb...Gnus they're called...and ten thousand...about one per cent of the population...didn't make it across the river...picked the wrong spot was one guess...the other that the river was unusually high because of heavy rains...they're waiting and hesitating to cross was on the Animal Planet show...

The migrations are kinda like the Pyramids...the Pyramids like clocks and geodisic the orientation of the Earth...any change and the Pyramids would be out of orientation..likewise with the migrations...if things get out of wack they'll alter...though I think migrations in the first place were caused by climate change...??...brb...


An example is the migration of continental populations of Swainson's Thrush, which fly far east across North America before turning south via Florida to reach northern South America; this route is believed to be the consequence of a range expansion that occurred about 10,000 years ago.

from wikipedia: migration


Well...I'm collecting that ten thousand year date...brb...well...Grey Whales have been around for thirty million years..and the California next Seven Wonder!...have the longest mammal migration...would like to know how long ago it's a list of the different whales and they're migrations...

a guess would be that they have been doing this for thirty million years!!...going from the cold poles where they eat to the warm tropics where they breed...brb...this site explaing that the Bearing Sea a few thousand years ago was ice locked...and didn't pemit the whales to go where they go now...other animals too change where they went....and suggest they adapt their migration readily to changing conditions...

which makes sense...and hopeful news...
the "wonder" of the whales is that they're still around...having been brought back from near Atlantic version did go extinct...and the West Pacific that migrate along the Asian coast are only a hunderd or so...
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Monday, February 11, 2008

Grand Canyon

Troy was on..."You plot strategy from bird..."...oh...I forgot!...bird messages...auguries would have been the right word...but too big a word for a movie...bird signs...that was it...I have a post to do on bird auguries....but for another time!...then show on about dam building in Ice Land..."we live like and and rest..."...being a bit far from things and snowed in!...remind you of anywhere!! the Grand Canyon's story on Nat. Geo....very good...wanted to search out the Vishnu Mountains...oh..but wait...the river is too new and the uplifted land too old...Lake Maddox basin has answer??...letmelisten!..oh...they think a big lake "spilled over"....brb...but "no definitive answer"...oh...I'll add the Grand Canyon to the Seven Wonders!!...the Vishnu mountan were from millions of years ago when there were Seas and the West Coast of the continent was where the Grand Canyon is...and there was an an archepelogo....sigh...there was a time when there was no California...and no Valley...wanted to look up "hanging pendants" from yesterday...brb...


A roof pendant is: "A body of country rock surrounded by intrusive rock."


that from a site about Jabal al Lawz ...Mt. Sinai...

Is it a bit like Dana Gibbs...violet rocks surrounded by the Granite of the Sierra?..the site author uses example from the East Side...

There a creationist controversy about Mt. Sinai because of the rocks...brb...

Now another show on about geology...oh it's about the Burgess Shale!!
Well...I got lost in the Bible archaelogy things!!...
Pic is the Hindu Vishnu...
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Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Swami's Backyard Pics

Since I've started taking pics of the "backyard"...and this much due to the economics and technology of modern cameras and computer...I've sort of kicked myself for not doing this all my life! I've had some interesting "backyards"!...

And tonight National doing what they do best!...has the show on Six Degrees...and it tells the story of the Swami who back in 1962 started taking "backyard" pics of the Glacier at the head of the Ganges...and of course it has shrunk..a's a quote with my "side by side" notion in it...


Side by side the low and high tech photographs….


The context is NASA photos being compared to the Swamis...of course NASA has the ulitimate "backyard" pics...and scientists in general for a long time have been keeping records....but not that long really...California's only back into mid 19th Century....gotta find the Swami...brb...well..I found him...took awhile!!..


Swami Sundranand, author of the forthcoming Himalaya: From the Lens of a Sadhu, is piqued at the gross neglect of the nature’s bounty. Having shot pictures of the Himalayan wilderness for over five decades, the swami holds pictorial evidences to prove that though the Government did refuse permission for direct bottling of water from the snout of the glacier it did woefully little to stop the sprawling construction and rampant deforestation in and around the glacier.

I'll have to come back to all it's a great show...but I wanted to digress again from the Ages of the volcanic activity here in the Sierra reminded me of the National Geographic magazine story awhile back of the great Yellowstone's the Lava Creek Tuff thing...sixhundrefortythousand years ago...and the Geographic story did it well telling how the ash covered everything east...brb...

now story of Hubble telescope on!!..

Yellowstone is over a hot spots I'll make one of my Seven Wonder's of the Natural World...I know Hawaii is over one too..but I guess there are alot of them...and they make supervolcanos...which is what Yellowstone is..and in this search I found the Toba supervolcano..which is a real it went off only seventy five thousand years ago...and is thought to have had an impact on early man...reducing humanity to less than a thousand breeding pairs...

These supervolcano eruptions wipe a lot out with ash...and cool the Earth by six degrees! for years following...and maybe trigger ice's a bursting full anxiety closet!!

oh..and this Hot Spot stuff harks back to Hoagland..who has an elaborate kinda dynamic symetry theory about these things...there on the other planets too!...watched a UTube with Hoagland and's a quote from his site...


That the anomalies predicted by this "geometry" encompass a range of demonstrable solar system phenomena -- from deeply-buried planetary mantle "hot spots," to associated shield volcanoes, to atmospheric thermal "upwellings," etc. -- is also now readily apparent--
Even if the reason for their specific "latitude-dependence" is not!


lemesee if I can find the moon's "ena""ina"...and it lies at's one site that "side by sides" 19.5...

What I find wonderous about the hot spots is that they dont move...the mantle...the movement of the tectonic plates...slide right over them...and there's a trail of old volcanos showing the path of the's wierd...a wonder!!

Hoagland's fun...and a bit suspect!!

Iapetus looks like a walnut...

The reverence the people of India show for the Ganges is a wonder religion is overlayed on a nuts and bolts intuition of how important this river...all rivers..and creeks...are!
Pic is Iapetus...brb...Iapetus was one of the Titans...and this moon of Saturn discovered by Cassini...


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