Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Long Walk

Political news on CNN...web news has it the satellite has been destroyed...woke up in the wee hours and couldn't go back to sleep and PBS had documentary on about Kit Carson and the Navajo war...brb...Long Walk to Bosque Redondo it's called...

And they walked back after a treaty that returned their homeland...between the four sacred mountains...brb....

I thought Shiprock might be one of the it too is regarded as sacred and part of the holy lore of the Navajo...

It's a fortunate thing that their languageNation was permitted to return to their homeland...languageNations need turf...a home...

I may have met once a chief of the Navajo...I was sitting on a bench in Farmington and an elderly Navajo sat down beside me and related that when the oil companies discovered oil on the reservation, they needed someone to negotiate with and generally manage things...lacking a chief the Navajo made one...lemecheck if this is true..or near true...brb...


Ms. Chamberlain devotes most of her book to examining the political battles these questions engendered. Remarkably, the Navajo specifically created their first tribal council in 1923 to deal with the issues raised by oil.

Under Sacred Ground: A History of Navajo Oil 1922-1982. By Kathleen P. Chamberlain. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2000. xii + 177 PP. Illustrations, maps, bibliography, index. $35.00.


That...that's really cool...he will have been part of that council. A good friend hereabouts was Navajo...and left...the travails being too much...but could he hike!...back and forth to places like Merced Lake from the Valley...and he had made beautiful rugs...the Valley is a tough place to work...and even to a young tourist was lost last week...brb...oh!...the boyscouts were up by Colombia

and one ventured to near an edge...from Omygosh I can see Tree in the Door...that lookout was located for me by another Indian who would go up there for lunch break while hosting the Museum gallery.

I find it hard to study the Navajo lore...and the Zuni too...though it is very interesting...but I think you need to be a Navajo or Zuni to really grasp it...some of it was used at a friend's wedding...and it just seemed out of sorts with my familiarity with Christian weddings...not bad outofsorts...just outofsorts!'s own languageNation is one's own!
Tree in the Door

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