Sunday, February 24, 2008


The TV is out...storm has knocked down something...probably the antennae cable reggae playing from N.

Somehow I want to work up these Ages of Man posts to what Science has to say about "ages"...I was gone on Dinosaurs when I was a kid...and can wrap my thoughts around Time and the distant past...a lot of people can''s scary...the bigness and oldness of the Earth, and the Stars and's one about the size of things on Youtube...


That one shows the distances in light years...and mentions the extinction of the dinosaurs sixty five million years ago and has the galaxies whose light has taken that long to travel to earth.

It is all very big, old...and scary.

But I wanted an entry into the Ages of Man according to scientific discoveries...and of course prior are the Age of Dinosaurs...and others...brb...
well...there I found what I of those illustration showing the Ages..geologic time ages....see pic!

But all those critters had teeth...or beaks...or lemego see about teeth and the 'incessant chewing' of the Ages!!..brb...


Their palatal and jaw structures were identical to those of early tetrapods, and their dentition was identical too, with labyrinthine teeth fitting in a pit-and-tooth arrangement on the palate.
from wikipedia on tetrapods
We're tetrapods!
There's a movie coming out...Ten Thousand BC..
Boom Shaka lacka lacka is very cool!! Hopeton Lewis
addenda: "Reaching Out to Jesus" is the album name.

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