Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Swami's Backyard Pics

Since I've started taking pics of the "backyard"...and this much due to the economics and technology of modern cameras and computer...I've sort of kicked myself for not doing this all my life! I've had some interesting "backyards"!...

And tonight National doing what they do best!...has the show on Six Degrees...and it tells the story of the Swami who back in 1962 started taking "backyard" pics of the Glacier at the head of the Ganges...and of course it has shrunk..a's a quote with my "side by side" notion in it...


Side by side the low and high tech photographs….


The context is NASA photos being compared to the Swamis...of course NASA has the ulitimate "backyard" pics...and scientists in general for a long time have been keeping records....but not that long really...California's only back into mid 19th Century....gotta find the Swami...brb...well..I found him...took awhile!!..


Swami Sundranand, author of the forthcoming Himalaya: From the Lens of a Sadhu, is piqued at the gross neglect of the nature’s bounty. Having shot pictures of the Himalayan wilderness for over five decades, the swami holds pictorial evidences to prove that though the Government did refuse permission for direct bottling of water from the snout of the glacier it did woefully little to stop the sprawling construction and rampant deforestation in and around the glacier.

I'll have to come back to all it's a great show...but I wanted to digress again from the Ages of the volcanic activity here in the Sierra reminded me of the National Geographic magazine story awhile back of the great Yellowstone's the Lava Creek Tuff thing...sixhundrefortythousand years ago...and the Geographic story did it well telling how the ash covered everything east...brb...

now story of Hubble telescope on!!..

Yellowstone is over a hot spots I'll make one of my Seven Wonder's of the Natural World...I know Hawaii is over one too..but I guess there are alot of them...and they make supervolcanos...which is what Yellowstone is..and in this search I found the Toba supervolcano..which is a real it went off only seventy five thousand years ago...and is thought to have had an impact on early man...reducing humanity to less than a thousand breeding pairs...

These supervolcano eruptions wipe a lot out with ash...and cool the Earth by six degrees! for years following...and maybe trigger ice's a bursting full anxiety closet!!

oh..and this Hot Spot stuff harks back to Hoagland..who has an elaborate kinda dynamic symetry theory about these things...there on the other planets too!...watched a UTube with Hoagland and's a quote from his site...


That the anomalies predicted by this "geometry" encompass a range of demonstrable solar system phenomena -- from deeply-buried planetary mantle "hot spots," to associated shield volcanoes, to atmospheric thermal "upwellings," etc. -- is also now readily apparent--
Even if the reason for their specific "latitude-dependence" is not!


lemesee if I can find the moon's "ena""ina"...and it lies at's one site that "side by sides" 19.5...

What I find wonderous about the hot spots is that they dont move...the mantle...the movement of the tectonic plates...slide right over them...and there's a trail of old volcanos showing the path of the's wierd...a wonder!!

Hoagland's fun...and a bit suspect!!

Iapetus looks like a walnut...

The reverence the people of India show for the Ganges is a wonder religion is overlayed on a nuts and bolts intuition of how important this river...all rivers..and creeks...are!
Pic is Iapetus...brb...Iapetus was one of the Titans...and this moon of Saturn discovered by Cassini...


Tree in the Door

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