Monday, February 18, 2008


Off and on...thought about Plato's Timarchy all day...brb...

Two and half men was on...then... then old or something...both funny...then CSI...and now local news...well..Fresno!...

to Plato...


Born in 1895, R. Buckminster Fuller lived his entire adult life in the shadows of the great social struggles over communism, National Socialism, Fabian socialism, and the social-democratic oligarchies created by the Wilsonian Democrats and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in cooperation with the Federal Reserve System. Fuller was only eighteen years old when connivance and conspiracy installed the Federal Reserve legislation, the federal income tax, and usurped the powers of Congress to keep complete control over the monetary standards of the States united. He was but twenty-two when the blood-soaked clouds of war moved from Europe over to the United States, and he enrolled at Annapolis to become a Naval officer. He served honorably in that God-forsaken slaughter known as "the Great War," believing with the other sons and daughters of the elite families, that they were "making the world safe for democracy." They were not. They were building the nest for that awful predatory beast which we now know as 'the national security state,' or -- by the definitions of governance given by Plato -- the national security Timarchy. This rarely used word is hard to find in modern dictionaries, but its meaning is now becoming crystal clear: a Timarchy is defined as the rule of society by a military aristocracy, wherein the elite members have rights and privileges, and the great mass of the people have none, or none of any consequence. The fundamental structure of a Timarchy can arise in any of a number of ways, and in this once-free republican union of States, it has been introduced by degrees, by stealth and by the multiple and repeated economic frauds of the Federal Reserve.



That's remarkable...that's pretty much what I was thinking!...apologies for the long quote's remarkable! The Federal Reserve angle I didn't have...but..well...letme explain the thoughts I had!

There was a karate book, or Kung Fu...that I picked and browsed...and in the introduction it explained a hierarchy of order and obedience...and it somehow put it that in where ever Nation the school was...the loyalties of the school where to the Nation...kindof a Masonic thing where they put the local holiest book on the stand...oh...this is difficult to explain...but the impression I got was the spread of karate schools all over with this Order...and while they were independent of one another...and remained under their respective Nation's laws...I wondered if they would always remain so!

And the other thought I had was how so many Nations are pushed into militarism by some threat...the Cold War of course the largest one...but I thought of the Koreas...the Middle East...the military rule of Pakistan...the military takeover of Thailand...I can just pull them out of the Hat!...Taiwan...and of late...Kosovo...brb...

Timarcy search brings up a lot of stuff!...more than a few concern the militarism...but in that same passage of Plato is something about the Great Year and the Precession of the Equinox...and here's a blogger all over it...

He connects the Mayan glyphs with DNA...and if I can ever find it again..there's a site that connects the Egyptian hieroglphys with DNA....

But letme go see something about these posts...brb...well...Lyndon Larouch is dragged into it at that first sound like the stuff the Larouche followers pursue...the kinda grist in their mill...anyway...I was after Kosovo...brb....


BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) — The U.S. and the European Union's biggest powers quickly recognized Kosovo as an independent nation Monday, widening a split with Russia, China and some EU members strongly opposed to letting the territory break away from Serbia.

from "two hours ago"


At any rate...our long childhood is so we can learn to be human...and to be a citizen of America...or whatever country one is raised in!....and it's really gotten to be up for grabs what kindof eduction children are being given...seems to me...that militarism permeates the education...and the entertainments that educate...the violent shoot 'em ups are certainly popular!!...and of the governments Plato and the Greeks explained, Timarchy seem the most appealing to the testestorone driven!!...I dunno...this is a ramble...but there is an underpinning to the media that suits a military aristocracy!

That one long site had something like my bond angles...that came up spell checking and finding I spelled angle angel...somewhere I read once someone had a connection between angles and angels!!...shoulda shoulda taken notes!!

I was looking through a Stamp fact was thinking that stamps would be a great way to teach American history in schools...and a revolutionay flag stamp with a pine tree on it caught my eye...


A favorite device in other colonial flags was the pine tree, called the liberty tree. In 1775 the minutemen bore a yellow flag with a pine tree on it. In New England the liberty tree device appeared on a yellow flag bearing the inscriptions “An Appeal to God” and “Dont Tread on Me.” The tree also appeared in the white canton of a red flag that, with other emblems, was borne by the Americans at the Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775. The first known American colonial flag with stars was that displayed in 1775 by the armed schooner Lee. The flag of the Lee was white. Near its center was a blue anchor partially enclosed by a scroll, and above the anchor was inscribed the word “Hope.” In the upper corner of the flag was a blue canton containing 13 five-pointed stars.


Pic is this flag...


This is a CONTINENTAL FLAG. It is NEW. This flag uses a version of the British Red Ensign with a New England Pine Tree substituted for the British Union Flag in the Canton. Believed to have been flown at the Battle of Bunker Hill.



Tree in the Door

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