Friday, February 1, 2008

Ages of Man

National Geo was on with ghost stories...flipped to the end of Laura Croft...sledding with the dogs without a sled...I like that part! movie...dont know what it is yet but it starts in Santorini!! Tomb Raider...good...something to watch!

But the Ages of Man..I've sometimes thought I would have liked to live in the old Greek bronze likley had it's turmoils too...but I got to thinking about the Ages of Man in regard to how they were each set in the enviroment. Clearly ours is a dark age...but just a bit ago...when the Indians lived in North America...they may have been the brightest age...environmentally speaking!

And I thought to work this all out like I did with the different ways the Park is being used...from the High Camps to the Valley...and beyond...places like Tahoe and Mammoth.

How did the civilizations fit in the environment, and how will the ones to come!!?? to reading about the Titans and their war with the Olympians...

I wish I could made sense of these old's like they're telling something beyond just the fantastic story...Croft: the cradle of life....nature is about balance...Pandora's box at the end of the's a treasure hunt and Alexander hid the treasure!

enough for tonight!!...but not after reading some Gould on Velikovsky!...for tomorrow...


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