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update..what's today, May 30, 2014? was on the web today that research with laser light has shown that it can regenerate dentine growth in teeth...the stem cells  in the tooth are illuminated with just enough laser light, and they grow!...doubt these experiments will proceed to success in the dental office anytime soon, soon being what my old teeth need!, but this is very cool!!!

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A Thought Hobby: I have in my noggin a collection of Thought old one is about Optical Bio Physics, which I forget just how I got started on, but somewhere I saw an illustration of a cell which had like little Antennae Dishes, and the notion was that cells tele communicate....of late, I've begun to wonder if they even have a kinda media, weblike!...or to borrow from Starwars, where one community of cells has a name I cant recall (see quote below), Forcelike!....anyway, there are discussions here and there on the web of such musings. and I like this quote very much, as it is just the kind detective like reasoning that may actually lead somewhere...

It is well known that retinal
photoreceptors are capable of meeting criterion 3 (receiving light) and 4 (processing light into information); it is proposed that retinal photoreception represents a functional specialization for reception of light in an evolutionary sense in the same way that macroscopicbioluminescence is a functional specialization for light emission: both specializations must be built upon more rudimentary capabilities of relatively primitive cells.


The sense of this is that our eyes see, and fireflies can emit light (bio luminescence), this at our scale, which suggests, William Blake would follow this!, that cells can do this cell to cell on their micro scale....that cells are 'primitive', and, 'rudimentary' is kind of iffy.....along with 'must be built'...the web is more than an electrical nuts and bolts grid, it is the information being received and transmitted--our emotions....just so our bodies composed of cells, which we regard as monoliths, are suggested by all this to be realms within realms!

Midi-chlorians are amicroorganism first mentioned inThe Phantom Menace. They are microscopic life-forms that reside within the cells of all living things and communicate with the Force.[6] They are symbionts with all other living things and without them life could not exist. The Jedihave learned how to listen to and coordinate the midi-chlorians. While every living being thus has a connection to the Force, one must have a high enough concentration of midi-chlorians in one's cells in order to be a Jedi or a Sith.[7][8]
Creator George Lucas says that the midi-chlorians are based on theendosymbiotic theory.[9]

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