Saturday, April 21, 2007


All day at work I try to latch on to an idea and hold onto it,
And later, much later, that night try to put it into words.
Work is simple, but my thoughts’ work while I work isn’t.
I often delay a long time, sometime a very long time.

Before I make a painting. I just mull it over,
And it’s just what I do when I write.

Five years to do this one:

One Owl's branch
One Bat’s bough.

Ah, the late TV is on while I write,
Like the music playing in art class.

Here’s one painting I’m working on:

Delacroix did a painting of a sleeping tiger
with mountains in the background
And I’ve photoshopped the tiger into a mountain lion,
and the mountains now are the Chathedral range
seen from the ridge at May Lake.

I hesitate to paint it, a watercolor, it will be really cool if I can pull it off.

Now, I had an idea at work two days ago,
And it would grow from the scene
of my walking in the dark back to my cabin after work.
This is always some walk, as I walk directley towards the Falls,
which now in the spring is very loud.

Oh, I’d lost the idea, but now have it, it’s that sound….
back to the mulling with that.

Generally the blog here is an outgrowth of the first post, Souvenir,
and I’ve wanted the posts to stay with that.
But in this one I’ve just drifted.


The horned owl was the star of Valley a few days,
The shuttle slowing to stop for a looksee…
Second hollow up in the black oak, sitting like a sentry.

A photo I wish I’d taken,
The camera tripod legs un-extended,
A father leaning down to help his son.

My 3x optical digital whines
And I “clikitched” the great horned owl.
Today a 12x is coming in the mail!


When I was at Lake Ireland, last June?,
Israel has just started the offensive into Lebanon,
And one of the TV evangelists was calling it world war 3.
Mostly I leave the news behind on my hikes,
but it is always a ‘related matter’. (a dbl back to Souvenir)

Jessica Biel exchanges birthday wishes with David Letterman,
He’s my age…
“Some guys have all the luck…”

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