Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Plan

Well...while I'm sorting out what direction to go next...I'll have some thoughts to post about the Plan...the Plans for development in the Incomparable Valley...now...

right now a Judge has put a hold on everything...but on the web are documents which show what was...is... in the works...and after a solid year of wandering around the backyard in all weathers...I have a sense...well...a sense where the following pavements were going to go... and what they were going to cover up!....it is very hard to drill down through the jargon of the Plan...a walk along either side of the Creek from Wee Bridge to the confluence with the Merced...will pretty much give anyone an idea...and an appalling perception...of how callous the following is...


The proposed action would remove guest lodging and Lodge facility buildings from the Merced River 100-year floodplain. Remaining in the floodplain would be the realigned Northside Drive, registration parking lot, a multi-use paved trail, Lodge parking, overnight bus parking, and the sewage lift station. Upon removal of the guest lodging buildings (Hemlock, Maple, Alder, and Juniper), the maintenance buildings, Wellness Center, and miscellaneous buildings, the 100-year floodplain would be restored to near-natural flow conditions because the major obstacles to high flood flow would be removed. The roads and parking lots proposed for this area could negligibly affect flood flow, but these developments would not be expected to substantially alter the flow path of the flood waters because they would have low relief and would not be constructed on an embankment. As a result, the proposed action would locally improve the conditions of the 100-year floodplain by removing the major flow impediments.


"Remaining in the floodplain"....that's Owl Woods...paved over..."Northside drived south of the Lodge"....that's a new road turning south at Wee Bridge and crossing over the Creek...I think I know where...just North of the Deer House...on a New Bridge....it would follow the road that goes to the Deer House now...and comes across to somehow hook up again with Northside drive, which is currently closed because of a rock!...the roads and parking lot of course would "negligibly effect high water"....they're pavement after all...but what about what's been paved over!!....it goes on...


The diversion dam located at the confluence of Yosemite Creek and the Merced River would be removed to restore the natural flood regime the Merced River within this reach. Once removed, high flood flow in the Merced River would be unimpeded to inundate portions of the floodplain not previously possible due to the presence of the diversion dam. Removing the diversion dam would return the affected portion of the floodplain to a more natural flow condition. In addition, the riprap revetment currently in place along Yosemite Creek would be removed to restore the natural flow regime along a short stretch of Yosemite Creek.


I'm not sure why the diversion channel is called a dam...and I dont know when the channel was made...right now water flows into it at daily high water...and flows backs out of it at daily low water...it has preserved a kindof peninsula that goes all the way to Ozone Beach...maybe that's the dam...it's not even noticeable most of the time...it's just a low area in the Forest...as for the rip rap in the Creek...this is silly...remove it and the Creek from the Falls all the way to the Merced will eroded into a disperse Delta...but of course that wouldn't happen if a road is running along the Creek...which is the point...the rip rap would be replaced by the road grading..

source of the quotes...

Chapter V: Merced Wild and Scenic River

I dont know what is said or goes on in the public hearings...I do know they were busy cutting trees at the Wellness Center three Springs back...and were stopped in their tracks...which is where thing have stood...

There is no area that can be characterized as a 100 yearflood plain....for a few days each Spring there is High Water...I've seen it reach the foundation of the Chapel...but after a few days...it all drops back down...there's no ground water table to speak of in the Sierra...it's all granite...water just runs off...the flood of '97 was a flash flood...and not a terrific eroding force in the Valley...as it was down lower in the Merced canyon...took out the road there...it just floated away a lot of old buildings in the Valley...didn't do a thing to Housekeeping!...I've seen all of that area under water for a few days...but this 100 year flood plain is a refrain...and likely an effort to tie into the funds accumulated to deal with flooding...which are substantial...

The Merced and Tenaya Creek and Yosemite Creek are riprapped where ever they threaten to erode the banks at their turns...have a look at Sugar Pine Bridge...and Three Arch Bridge...whoever did the Bridges...and the riprap...did it beautifully...each Bridge is placed at 'world class views'....and though built with modern cement...the facades...the polygonal stone work..is beautiful...it's the same as at Tunnel View and the 120 Tunnels.

"and the sewage lift station"

I have no idea why it is where it is....and it often lets one know it is where it is!...right now the man hole covers in Cook's are underwater....and the Creek is maybe three feet below the Tiki Temple Outlet...it has a one way cover to anticipate submergence...as does the Temple...which gives it it's unique...Temple look!

There is a 'riparian' border to all the waterways...which should be the real defining "hundred year flood plain".....and over the years development has encroached on it....on one side of the Merced in the canyon is the road...and on the other the old railroad road bed...and there's a lot of riprap...and once into the Valley the roads are often right next to the Merced...can't be helped...the Valley is that narrow...and in truth the road bed has contained the Merced....it's trying to erode right back down a few thousand feet where it was a few thousands of years ago, after all!...but the 'riparian' border has to be respected...scurpulously...it's where all the critters live...

"major obsticles to high flood will have been removed"

Some of the thinking in these plans are just nuts!....there's nothing going to stop the Merced from flooding when conditions are such like in '97.


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