Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SS Poet

Hell's Kitchen on...reminds me of trying to be accepted in the pickup basketball games...and they got no idea what it's like to ref!...

opened Google and there was an inviation to Virgle..or something..brb...Virgle Pioneer...

meanwhile over in Russia they've caved because their cave is caving!...brb...


MOSCOW (AP) — Fourteen followers of a self-declared prophet emerged Tuesday from a dank, muddy cave in Russia after melting snow damaged the hillside shelter where they had been waiting for the world to end, officials said.


In truth, Chefs are very quiet in the kitchen..though it must be noisy as Hell indeed inside their heads!



An invitation.Earth has issues, and it's time humanity got started on a Plan B. So, starting in 2014, Virgin founder Richard Branson and Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin will be leading hundreds of users on one of the grandest adventures in human history: Project Virgle, the first permanent human colony on Mars.


I invented the google search engine by the way...gave it away free in Hypercard

City back on old GEnie...the Favorites of MSN table too...mine was on the right. Of course the Apple genius that made Hypercard made that possible!

Lemego get a bit of prohecy!...brb...well...this isn't quite what I had in mind...what I said in the old weblog was that someday the scholars would put up a search engine...that hasn't happened insomuch wikipedia is inside the other engines...but it's at the top of que so often that it is like that, and like what I imagined!...but here's a bit from the old log...

quote (me)

I've watched television and movies all my life--I'm from the first full fledged TV generation. And the vast majority of these films are detective stories--mysteries. We watch the heroes follow clues. So my generation isn't without "skills" when solving mysteries. A curious attitude is now second nature, and it should be no surprise that government and our history is examined and questioned, and possible conspiracies imagined. We like this kinda stuff.
Along with this we have a sifting ability. Just finding our favorite movies, keeping track of favorite actors, keeping abrest of all the Hollywood stories, has given us this.
Now, with the web, we can interact. We're gonna raise hell. We'll sniff out every tree, bush, and clump of weeds!

end quote

I'll make no conjecture about what the "first web generation" will be up to! No hundred year plans here...

But Prophets are powerful figures...nothing stops Vegas more than someone who can tell how the dice will roll or what card is next.

No web history of old GEnie has been up last I looked..just a little bit on wikipedia...brb...

That page hasn't changed since I last read it...the real descendent of GEnie is the Google Groups...and both borrowed from USENET...brb...


It was conceived by Duke University graduate students Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis in 1979. Users read and post public messages (called articles or posts, and collectively termed news) to one or more categories, known as newsgroups.


A few on GEnie noted my enthusiasims and recommended USENET...but it was bit beyond my computer literacy!!

Early on I infotracked....the Libraries had search engines long before google...GEnie..and found newstory that said in effect the GEnie was General Electrics "experiment"...brb...here's Melvyl story...

The first thing, kinda, I looked up was Poetry...and I couldn't find anything at my local libray except something offical from a Congressional Record...I was in a government document database!...but nearby in the search was a story of a ship...a missing ship that congress investigated...I think it was called the USS Poet...brb...well...no wonder I got curious!!


Headline: USS Poet Disappearance
(Studio) Investigation of disappearance of cargo ship USS Poet reported Scotland Yard, New Jersey Mafia members and possible purchase of heroin in Iran mentioned. REPORTER: Charles Osgood
Begin Time:
06:22:10 pm
End Time:
06:22:40 pm
TVN Record Number:
Abstract and Metadata (c) 1981-2008 Vanderbilt University
More Information:
Contact the staff of the Archive.


a bit more...


Through his membership in P-2, Haig became aware of the new crisis facing the Gambino Mafia family and others in international organized crime. According to Honnegar, there was a factor which affected the "October Surprise" hostage negotiations which Loftus and Aarons (who maintain that the "October Surprise" never occurred--at least not as a manifestation of U.S. intelligence operations done against sitting President Jimmy Carter) fail to factor in. This was the crisis which Licio Gelli faced in connection with the hijacking of a ship, called the U.S.S. Poet, which was described in the media at the time of its hijacking as containing a cargo of "corn" Subsequent investigation by Interpol, however, revealed that the Poet didn't have corn on board, but heroin. It was in fact a ship used by the Italian Gambino Mafia family to carry heroin to the east coast of the United States. It had been captured by the Gambinos for use as a heroin transport, but in the midst of its voyage, it was diverted to Iran. There, the Iranian radicals seized its passengers. Even more important, they seized its load of heroin (Honnegar 236-42).


I could drop that quote in jfk and not get a twitch from anyone!...they've seen it all....but having thought that...:)...

and here a poem..on the USENET no less...about the SS Poet..

I dont know if this pdf page will come up...at least quickly!...but it has a recent take on the fate of the Poet....sometimes USS....sometimes SS...I thought the U was reserved for military navy ships!

snarly little newspaper that calls itself The Creek...hmmph!


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