Thursday, April 3, 2008


story on cnn of the assassination of Martin Luther King...part of a series on Black People...a commentator on the following show about Hillary and Obama used that "Black People"...wonder if it will ever be just "People"...that was the dream...

I thought a little bit about cameras...could work it up...everything we see in

TV is seen through cameras...and their operators...which kinda gets overlooked...or forgotten....I was very surprised to lean that the video resolution on the 12x is "vhs" other words the same resolution I've been watching all my life!...with nary a thought to the number of the pixels!'s okay...but it's not what a field camera does...razor sharp photos with wide wide depth of field...

I've tried to figure how, or why not, field cameras came to be used to take pics of critters...they use long exposures....was one reason...and bulky another...and I had the thought to use a flash...that should work!...I mean I've seen those old movies with the sports photogs all using field cameras...4x5, 8x10, can still get those cameras on ebay..and they're expensive...but I searched the flash idea....I'd love to get that razor sharp detail on the critter pics!...and discovered to my delight that early photogs used field cameras to take critter fact that was their primary pursuit in making the early cameras!...and there's a famous flash pic too!!...brb...


One Hour of Blindness: Retinal rods take 30-40 min to dark adapt (i.e. achieve their maximal sensitivity so they can detect single photons) after being exposed to bright light. This is true for both birds and mammals.


I hadn't thought of that!...and kinda torpedoes my whole notion of using the field camera with flash...hmmph...even gives pause to taking Rocky Raccoon pics...and of course Owl...sigh...I had hopes of getting a pic of Owl using flash...even came home from library with Nature Photog book that shows how they have used reflectors with flash behind a telephoto lens...a short lived thought!..but let me get the famous pic...brb...


Hosking was born in London. Although he pioneered several techniques for bird photography, during the first 10 years of his photography career, Hosking was not successful in being published. His breakthrough came after news coverage of an accident when Hosking was attacked by a tawny owl during a photo shoot, resulting in the loss of his left eye. The coverage launched Hosking to fame, creating a market for his bird photographs.


page on early cameras and birds..

Ah...a Redtail Hawk attacked a fan at Oakland As park!...too msn has clips tonight of Bears dancing...scrathing their backs...with trees...

"after the Riverside speech...we didn't talk to him anymore..."


Something not generally known is: general photography is in part a child of Wildlife (Nature) Photography; more adequately phrased: The mainspring to the discovery of photography came from one of the fathers of this medium, whose desire it was to take photographs of Nature.


William Henry Fox Talbot

Neat stuff. Pic is Hosking's "Barn Owl with Prey"....


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