Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I took a pic yesterday of a Brown Headed Blackbird...and then looked it up...and then read how it lays eggs in other birds' doesn't build it's own nests and has been known to invade over one hundred and fifty different songbirds' nests...lemesee if I got that right...brb...


Brown-headed cowbirds are brood parasites. They deposit their eggs in nests belonging to birds of other species. Some of the birds they parasitize remove the eggs from their nests or cover them with new nest material so that they are not incubated.


Which all reminds me of Clifflord Stoll's Cuckoo's's wiki's take

what's a klein bottle?..brb...

dont know but that I might get one of the hats...a puzzling hat for a puzzled head!

anyway...Cuckoo's do the same with their eggs as the Brown Headed Cowbirds...and in that behavior I saw a metaphor for rapacious what the Nazi German's did to their neighbors France, Russia, Sweden, Spain, etc. during the years between the world wars...they made front industries...but that's a long long 'take'...maybe for another 'sometime'!

and that whole thought thread tonight got sidetracked by a friend bringing up a rotting corpse in an old Greek tragedy...Clytemenstra?...we thought...neither of our memories good for old Greek names!...but we love those old myths! friend has been to the Parthenon replica in Tenessee!...anyway...lemefind the old Greek story...well no...Clytemnestra isn't it...but it might have something I lost...but for later...I think the one about the corpse had to do with Seven Against's Antigone...and that search brought that I was close..or closer!....but the conversation reminded me of another corpse...and it's another grim Greek tale...brb...

Oh...I had that one almost right too...I did search Penethesia...which went nowhere...and the name is:

oh..and this too!



In the Pseudo-Apollodorus Epitome of the Bibliotheke[5] she is said to have been killed by Achilles, "who fell in love with the Amazon after her death and slew Thersites for jeering at him". The common interpretation of this has been that Achilles was romantically enamored of Penthesilea [6] (a view that appears to be supported by Pausanias, who noted that the throne of Zeus at Olympia bore Panaenus' painted image of the dying Penthesilea being supported by Achilles).[7] Twelfth-century Byzantine scholar Eustathius of Thessalonica postulated a more brutal and literalist reading of the term loved, however, maintaining that Achilles actually committed necrophilia on her corpse as a final insult to her.


It''s kindof a shocking story..but the tale has a kindof ring to does Antigone...and too Achilles dragging Hector about...well..the Greek's understood something the Marine's are famous for...recovering their fallen from the battlefield...brb...


Although it later emerged that L Cpl Ford had been shot and killed during the operation, four of his colleagues strapped themselves to the wing-stubs of Apache attack helicopters and returned in a bid to recover him.


British Marines in that instance...people can get very emotional over the dead...last night a road killed Grey Squirrel I picked up by the tail and removed to some fallen branches and leaves beneath a Black Oak.

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