Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Well, this last bit is easily understood if one has read Andre Norton’s Star Man’s Son. And if one hasn’t, and I explain it, it might give away the story. Suffice to say scientist have developed a sub culture of sorts where they see their efforts in a continuum: discoveries leading to more discoveries. Like Archimedes, they are preoccupied. Before science the continuum was the purview of poets.

Star Men’s (and Women’s) sons (and daughters)
Astride their cats
Will sift the ruins for their memories.

About DavidDavid…

I’ve started signing off on things this way as people keep saying, “David, David, David…” often while shaking their heads.

DolphinWords. Long before the marketing of domain names I made this one up. See John Lilly.

And about signing off with Yosemite..

I sign off where I am, something I notice poets do, notably Robert Graves who took up refuge in Majorca. I am at some risk doing this, as anyone is using their name and place on the web, but I am of the opinion I better be just exactly who I am. Already my name has been usurped, so I’m hereabouts for any questions or correspondence. Kids have imaginary friends, I have imaginary readers! As refuges go, Yosemite might be the ultimate redoubt.

May 14, 2007

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