Monday, May 14, 2007


The next bit of "Souvenir" references the TV show, Jericho, which is a post nuclear war story. I used wikipedia to remind myself of the story of Jericho in the Bible, but here I’m using it a bit different. Soldiers tramp and cities tremble, and the sense may not come across that “Jericho” is all of us in our cities, and they still stand. That’s what I was aiming at. That the ancient Israeli’s were doing the tramping is neither here nor there, the tramping is war.

So many have trampled
And made Jericho tremble.

Nonetheless, out there in web, and I mean out there, controversy rages among theologians of the ancient past and more recent past centering on Jews and Israel. Simply put, the Holocaust of WW2 in Germany where millions of Jews, and others too, died, is set beside the stories in the Bible, in an effort to point out that the ancient Israeli’s committed genocides too.

I’ve wondered about this my ownself as the Angel of Death in the Exodus story seems ungodly cruel.

But in the past were cruel times, ancient and recent. People have been ungodly cruel.

God can certainly inspire a person, or a whole nation of people, but that doesn’t mean God is that person or nation. And clearly the ungodly things they do are just that, inspight of their exhortations that they are doing God’s will.

Prince I think did care when he wrote 1999.

Tree in the Door
May 13, 2007

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