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Uriel and The Feast of Trumpets

Uriel and The Feast of Trumpets

It gets curioser and curioser…

I thought to google up Uriel…I’ve been wanting to work angelology into the blog, as I find it charming! A bit ago in a discussion I put forth the notion that all nations, regardless of their political make up, have a throne. Sort of like every Major League Baseball team has a stadium. When the crowd is in the stadium the playing field comes “alive”, and the game and players take on aspects that just aren’t there when the seats are empty. And fans are loyal to their team, win or lose, much as the people of a nation are patriotic. Oh, it’s just the same thing exactly.

But, but anyway, having expressed all this on a whim I thought to fill it out with a google search of “thrones”…see if yet again, as usually happens, my inventive thought had a precedent, as in ‘there’s nothing new under the sun". And anyway, anyway, I google ‘thrones’ and discover something I hadn’t suspected, that there is a class of angels called “thrones”! I didn’t know angels were classified…though watching Charmed should have clued me to that!!

Now, this was a few weeks ago and has been rattling about in my head, but the blog posts have brought me to Uriel, who is of the angel class Cherubim. So I’ve come to Angels by two “threads”, Uriel, and Thrones.

And googling Uriel tonight I latched onto Uriel being the angel with the flaming sword that guards the Garden of Eden, Paradise, ever since Adam and Eve were kicked out.

One of the first sites I visited has it that the Flaming Sword is a euphemism for a comet or comets . And along with that, has it that this comet, a harbinger of the “end times”, is to arrive at the Feast of Trumpets in 2007.

I didn’t know what day this Feast falls on, and hoping it had come and gone, I googled Feast of Trumpets. It’s in October. So it’ll be a wait and see!

I had been thinking to discuss the imagery in the Book of Revelations as referring to astronomical catastrophes like comets and meteors striking the earth. That gets done a lot, but not so much as war. The “War in Heaven” is a popular preoccupation!!

The elaboration of these subjects is so extensive, Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and all the other religions too, that it makes no sense for me to add much. I doubt if I could!!

But on reading about the Feast of Trumpets, which includes the tale of seven trumpets announcing the end times, I recalled King Tut’s trumpet….

And while I read about this trumpet long before the web, I’m not surprised that just googling “king tut’s trumpet” brings up the tale. And even a recording!

Here’s one site:

It’ll give you goose bumps….
An addenda...
I did some more word searches, and here's a site that looks to cover the same ground as the book "Uriel's Machine"...and it has at the end of the page links to old Irish Welsh tales like the Madness of Suibhne, many of which I've read. They are culling them for possible imagery, euphemisms, of comets of meteor strikes.
I'll have to hunt up the Pygmy story, there was an author who wrote about Pygmies that had all this comets and tsunamis and upheavels...

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May 23, 2007

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