Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Ruler of this World

"I give my heart so easily to the Ruler of this World..."

There is a Reason
Alison Krauss
{Illustration: Michaelangelo's Last Judgement}

The next bit of “Souvenir”…

“Who’s to say who will compound (or confound) Armageddon
When we see a bogeyman in every bush?”

Well, there’s some puns in the poem, and this far along in the poem lots happens with double senses…the molten metal scene was hellish in Terminator 2, and in some theologies, the Devil rules over this world. Chavez down there in Venezuela called President Bush the Devil. And in the Terminator movies I think Arnold is the villain in the first movie.

These movies are so well known that a kind of short hand can be used to reference them, which is what poems often do. They play off the general knowledge of the reader. This “ekphrasis poem” is playing off the wide general knowledge we all have of apocalyptic stories.

Before I get too far from the first bit, the “sad goodbyes”, I’d like to add that I’ve been going over the endings of films. Films all work on the same few plots, and scenes, and riding off into the sunset is the most common, but this group scene of people saying farewell is common too, and I find very moving. I wonder if Spielberg borrowed from this scene in I’d Climb the Highest Mountain for the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

Back to the Devil… The Devil has a big part in Armegeddon, and his cohorts, and I got to playing with this with the words, Governor, Prince and bogeyman.

The Pope says today the world has slipped into Hedonism. And meanwhile a Mickey Mouse lookalike is being used by a Hamas TV channel to propagandize Palastinian kids into hating Israel.

Next, Prince and his song 1999, which I find a remarkable song.

Tree in the Door
May 11, 2007

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