Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Second Arrow

Drumming Up Concern

Concerned that chaos will ensue President Bush has vetoed Congress’ budget bill with the withdrawal from Iraq attached.

Barry Bonds is approaching Hank Aaron’s homerun record.

I don’t think the Lakers can beat the Suns.

Robins run about the forest floor. They run a short ways, then stop, then run, then stop.

Marmots do the same, scrambling over the rocks in the High Country.

My bicycle squeaks and the deer lift their heads from grazing on the Spring grasses.

The Falls are loud and full, and high water is approaching soon, too soon.
The low snow pack means a long dry summer.

The days are a bit crowded with concerns.

A poem....

The Second Arrow

"The proponents of the dam scheme bring forward a lot of bad arguments to prove that the only righteous thing to do with the people’s parks is to destroy them bit by bit as they are able. Their arguments are curiously like those of the devil, devised for the destruction of the first garden. . . ."

John Muir

Darwin thought of the animals, their pain and suffering…
I’ve seen them aside the trails, wounded or sick, caught in the jaws of Coyote,
And saddened, walked by
As Buddha might advise…
Pain arrives suddenly, or creeps in, the first arrow,
Then thoughts struggle, the second arrow, more painful than the first.
In Norway they chained themselves to the rocks
And that worked somewhat to preserve their waterfall, Mardalsfossen,
Now controlled by hydroelectric sympathy—sometimes flowing, sometimes dammed
And lighting their City.
Hetch Hetchy is dammed now, and few go there, except to hike,
The trails rattlesnake infested in Spring.
Spring is the season of Waterfalls,
And the Sierra haven’t a thought for San Francisco, only water.

Feb. 19, 2007

The chainsaws had approached the cedar, Tree in the Door's cedar, two Springs ago, but a judge stopped them, on John Muir's birthday (April 21, 1938) no less. I've become somewhat chained to it with sentimental fondness. Construction delays and budget shortfalls have postponed I suppose the inevitable. Demolition of the cabin and cutting down many of the pines and cedars hereabouts are in the plans. Not my plans, though I think a promenade to the Falls a good idea. As it is, everyone's in the road with their cameras.


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