Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dangers of Meddling with Time

Dangers of Meddling with Time

Watching Dr, Who tonight, a strange episode of time travel, and fantastic creatures that appear when time is altered, and they’ve eaten the whole world almost, except for Dr. Who’s friend and a wedding party holed up in a church. She only tried to go back in time and stop her Dad from being run down in a car accident. They’re refuge is a cathedral and bat like creatures fly about and crawl trying to get in. I don’t watch the show often enough to know the characters. I wont give the end away, but it is a both sad and happy ending.

The cold has me worn out, and I wanted to work on a St. Francis post. I have an illustration of one of his visions of thrones. Regular thrones it seems, not the angel thrones, but I have to research it out.

Sheesh, now PBS has a show about the show, how it was made and all. “Somethings are not meant to be meddled with…” And that’s the opinion of the Dr. Who actor!!

Movie Anaconda gave me nightmares…this one will too!!
Well, here I found the story of the vision of the thrones (Catholic encyclopedia on web):
"When the morning came, Francis' companion returned to the church and found him prostrate before the altar, so he waited for him outside the choir and then also began to pray devoutly before the cross. And behold he went into ecstasy and saw among the many thrones in heaven one that was more honorable than all the rest, ornamented with precious stones and radiant with glory. He wondered at this noble throne and whose it might be, and while he was thinking about these things, he heard a voice saying to him: 'This throne belonged to one of the fallen angels but now it is reserved for humble Francis.'
"At length, coming back to himself, the brother saw Francis returning from his prayers. He quickly prostrated himself at Francis' feet and spoke to him, not as one living but as one already reigning in heaven: 'Father, pray to the Son of God for me that He will not impute my sins to me.' Francis stretched out his hand and raised him up, recognizing that he must have been shown something in his prayers.
"As they began to leave that place, the brother asked blessed Francis, "Father, what is your opinion of yourself?' And Francis replied, 'It seems to me that I am the greatest of sinners, for if God had treated any criminal with such mercy as he has shown to me, that man would have been ten times more spiritual than myself.' But the Holy Spirit said in the heart of the brother, 'Know that the vision you saw was in fact true, for humility will raise this humble man to the throne that was lost through pride.'" Thomas of Celano, Second Life 123
Things to consider tomorrow....

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