Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trash Can Formation

I've lost my train of thought....
Dynamics make things, and I like to study something not for what it looks like, but what dynamic makes it look that way.
The dynamics of flight make bird's wings and butterflies'. Back by the creek today I found a great place for butterflies. I must have seen a half dozen different ones in just a few minutes. And back there too were these trash cans being stored.
Their unusual topnots was determined by the dynamic of bears breaking into trash cans.
I'm not sure what dynamic compelled the workmen to set them in two ordered rows!! Nearby there are others too lying about like tiki idols. They have a "temple" which I'll get a photo of tomorrow!!
The book, A Soldiers Heart, came and I've read some, but that image I thought could be a euphamism for comets or modern weapons is a modern image by the author. So I cross it off my collection of anceint literary and art references to cataclysims!
It's a slim book, a poem about Suibhne, with a crib. T.S. Eliot's footnotes are a crib. And the Soldier's Heart has some web sites to hook up to, mostly those that are concerned with opposing the war in Iraq.
I dont want to promote that view. But it's about Suibhne, as supposedly is Eliot's Sweeney poems, and Seamus Heaney, I think that's spelled right, has a translation.
My interest in Suibhne goes back to reading Robert Graves, and if I recall right, Graves says Suibhne was cursed with the "flying sickness" for interfering in the prebattle negotiations of the two sides respective Druids. They were on a hill, and Suibhne tossed his spear at them, he didn't trust the negotiations, and missed, and one whirled around and threw straw at Suibhne and as a consequence Suibhne caught the "flying sickness", grew feathers, and took to the woods as a wild man who flys about the tree tops.
Even the 1910 text doesn't have that, so my memory could be at fault, and when I find again, by reacquiring my books in storage!, the passage in Graves, I'll figure this out.
Oh, David Letterman has Hanna on with an Eurasian Owl and a baby. (earlier a Komodo dragon eating a steak on his desk)...
Suffice to say the "flying sickness" is not "soldier's heart" i.e. mental injury from experiencing war.
Tree in the Door
May 30, 2007

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