Friday, May 11, 2007

Molten Metal

Now, after the first bit, the second bit in “Souvenir” goes:

We surf about and watch our Governor
In an earlier, twice over incarnation,
Slowly lowered into molten metal
With a thumbs up hasta la vista.

Well, Arnold, the star of the movie Terminator 2, is the Governor now of California.

“Surf about” is channel changing with the TV remote control, which is what we did when the other film ended. The final scene of the movie is the terminator being lowered into molten metal to be destroyed least technology from the future fall into the “hands” of the computer.

I could have ended the poem here, but I thought of my Christian friends’ preoccupation with the Book of Revelations and the “end times”, and got a little preoccupied my ownself.

Twice over incarnation refers to Arnold coming back from the future repeatedly. There’s three of these movies.

Arnold is trying to stop that moment in time when things go haywire, and when I got this far with the poem and latched onto this notion of the moment in time, I strung out the rest, preoccupied. Tomorrow I’ll go on to the next bit.

Tree in the Door
May 10, 2007

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