Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'd Climb the Highest Mountain

The first line of “Souvenir”, the poem in the first post, goes like this…

“Oh, from a Christian virtue channel that was engaging awhile,
An old time movie with sad goodbyes,”

The blog gives me the opportunity to fill out the sources of the poem.

“Souvenir” is intended to stand on it’s own, by that I mean one needn’t know exactly what movie I was watching, but actually, I was over at some friend’s watching a cable Christian channel, and until tonight I didn’t know what the name of the movie was.

I remembered the actress’s face, but not her name, so tonight I googled through web sites with actresses from the early color movie days, and found her, Susan Hayward. And the movie is “I’d Climb the Highest Mountain”.

I didn’t see the whole movie, and even what I watched was through the distractions of talking and visiting. It was in the background, but the final scene was extraordinary. See it if you have the opportunity.

Tree in the Door
May 9, 2007

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