Friday, November 2, 2007


I surprise myself sometime that I'm able to spot things on the walkabout with the 12x camera. Determined to take pics of the critters, I've been more successful than I thought, and it's because of the acuity we all must have to see movements and hints of animals in forests and wild places.

I dont know if many ever have the opportunity to go out in the woods and have this keen sense come into play. Hunters of course, and photogs and birdwatchers.

There's a famous anecdote about Muir that goes:

Muir was asked if he had only one day to visit Yosemite, what would he do?

His answer was, "Go sit down by the Merced and cry."

Well, I've thought of another...find a favorite Blue Jay, and follow it, or a Grey Squirrel, or, if lucky like I have been, a Hawk, or the Hoo Hoo of the Owl. For that one day, you'll have a guided tour for however long a moment.

Really, the best route for the Photogs to photograph here would be to start with the birds and small critters. They all need to do something to pry them away from sunset at Sentinal Bridge!!

Animal Planet on...Grey Squirrels can remember like three thousand acorn burials, and relocate them....and they're forever stealing form one another, and even will fake out an oppenent by pretending to bury an acorn!!

Then Orangatang Island, now Meercat Manor.

Changed channels, and now on National Geographic, story of Norwegian Polar Bears...that's cool...


Tree in the Door

Nov. 3, 2007

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