Monday, November 5, 2007

Christians and War

Yesterday's post was so weak I'm thinking I should take the night off!!

The reverend with answers for every question, on the news tonight as he has political clout, the one forever smiling, might have one for what Christians do in War, or about War, or..I dunno...something.

The public school system teaches the history of our wars, and the media entertainment too with all it's stories...but in Sunday school the stories are of Jesus, and the Bible...and there's somekinda split here as I think the public learning system provides an answer to war questions...but in Sunday school, well, there's an answer, lovingkindness, forgiveness, and trust in God.

The deceased Crocodile hunter's wife was on Larry King...asked if her husband believed in God...and answered that anyone who was out and about in the beauty of Nature, like her husband, believes in Divinity. But, when he lost his mom he flip flopped between believing in God and that there is no God, a vacillations which passed.

A Christian really cant be hurt, and recognizes there's really no point in hurting others...oh...that's what the wife was trying to say...that without a doubt travails will happen to us, we cant control that, what we can control is how we react and endure.

Nothing's ever easy though.

Lemgolook if Pournelle is up to Pakistan...nope....just an elliptical "sow the wind"...

Friend's is on.


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Nov. 5, 2007

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