Monday, November 12, 2007


Well, the Episodes continue at Last Chance in somewhat disjointed fashions...there was the Chocolate Incident...and it's sequences...and the French Easel incident...and it's sequences...and now there's the Bottle of Bordeaux incident..and it's sequences...the three aren't connected..except in this regard..they all revolve around petty theft and how to respond to it...letme go through the Lost Gear episode...and its sequences...and make a stab at unraveling what to do in these occurrences...

Billy Crystal and the Mark Twain Award is on PBS...this is funny...maaarvelous...

I lost my gear by the Creek, hunted for it in the night, and hoped against hope it would be turned it...and it was!! Now, in Japan, it is a famous thing that the Japanese turn in all lost items...they are very trustworthy...and there I found the title word for this post...trustworthy.

Now, the dust up with the Chocolate was a concern less about the Chocolate and more about the Cyber Bullying....and I really dont know how we can trust that our selves wont be miss represented on the Web...there's those photo shopped Hollywood Stars after all!!

The French Easel and the Canvases didn't walk off by themselves from the Alcove...and it would have taken more than two arms to carry...and I must say of the lot it is the most troubling, and it's made me suspicious, where before I trusted that my things would be okay, even with the parade of I find myself throwing the deadbolt...and while I have reported the loss to three levels of security....there's hasn't been any assurance that it wont reoccur...the stuff is just gone and I've shrugged it off and ordered replacement. Kinda like Nixon said, It can happen anytime and I dont dwell on it.

And now the latest, I snagged a shoplifter...for a moment was a debate and dilemma, do I ignore what I'm seeing, or report it. Sometimes the circumstances are such in a crowded room that these things can't be pursued..and they're petty after all...and they go unreported...but the circumstances of this one was such that it was easy to report, and that choice was made.

And the reporting is dreary, and one really doesn't want to see trouble befall someone...and it's a Security task, and the everyday citizen leaves it to Security...and there's something wrong in that....citizens expect Security to do things they wont do themselves....things they even disdain to do as they think it is uncool...or are afraid to do.

I have no patience with those who think it's cool to look the other way...
And those who are afraid I like in the crowded room there are good reasons to be afraid.

And those who make a kinda judgement of the merits of the whole thing I respect too...I watched Cops carefully this afternoon..and they do that...sometimes some conversation is all that's needed.

This Bordeaux incident however, went through all three levels in an eye blink...which will give me pause in future snaggings!! But apparently somewhere a conversation has untangled things...and things will go apace, except I seem to have tagged myself as 'uncool'...well, so be was stitch in the fabric of Trust which is in bad need of repair...

Dirty Jobs was on this afternoon...about the Grand Tiki Temple in San Francisco..and the changing out of a lift I know what that is...and now what the Tiki Temple hereabouts is's a big sump pump and sucks up the plop and sends it to the next level.

Justice can be blind in respect to being fair...but it can't be stupid with regard to what is fair and reasonable. In Saudi Arabia they chop off hands for theft. I suspect a lot of observations go unreported there.


Tree in the Door

Nov. 12, 2007

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