Saturday, November 10, 2007

Living in the Present

Well, Robert Burns had it that the animals, at least his wee mousey, live in the present, and hence haven't our concern for the future, or dwell on memories of the past.

Dwelling is our favorite past time...which I'll get to...

But those squirrels that can remember where three thousand acorns are buried may indicate something else is going on inside those little heads.

Does size, of brains, matter? In Men in Black it has that clever ending about size...and the thought that size doesn't matter.

It's been pretty much accepted that our physical form is evolved, or derived, or made the same way, or something...that animals are...but we've always drawn a line when it comes to awareness and intelligence...animals have intelligent instinct, but dont really feel, has been the prevalent attitude. I had my doubts cleaning fish...

But it's being found that animals emotions and feeling are very close to ours on the evolutionary path, which makes sense...why the similarity would stop with just physical form doesn't make a bit of sense.

And do the animals live "in the present"...the eternal 'now'? Often I think we would do that if we could...forget the past, and not worry about tomorrow...which I think is what that saying...carpe diem...seize the about.

At the very least, the animals have a high regard for the changing seasons...each day of their activities is in some way linked to anticipating the changes.

The seasons are something we've forgotten, except as an excuse for a variety of holidays!

I have to think on this some more...but as to our favorite past time...lemgosee if I can find the quote from the Homeric Hymns and a contest between...who was it..??...brb...


Hesiod, then, began:`Homer, son of Meles, inspired with wisdom from heaven, come,tell me first what is best for mortal man?'

HOMER: `For men on earth 'tis best never to be born at all; or being born, to pass through the gates of Hades with all speed.'

Hesiod then asked again:`Come, tell me now this also, godlike Homer: what think you in your heart is most delightsome to men?'

Homer answered:`When mirth reigns throughout the town, and feasters about the house, sitting in order, listen to a minstrel; when the tablesbeside them are laden with bread and meat, and a wine-bearerdraws sweet drink from the mixing-bowl and fills the cups: this I think in my heart to be most delightsome.'


There's this contest between Homer and Hesiod...

Are We Being Dr. Who...caught the end of Cool Hand Luke when I came home...seen the Dr. Who...

Read about the fuzzy comet...and the oil slick.


Tree in the Door

Nov. 10, 2007

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