Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ancient of Days

Well, the Ancient of Days is another name for God in the Bible...but Daniel kinda trespasses in describing his dream vision insomuch God's appearance isn't supposed to be accessible to our senses. Jewish art, like Islamic, has a prohibition against depicting God.

God's appearance turned Moses' beard white.

Anyway, about the Cube in's called the Allspark...and "sparks" from it make inanimate machines become Transformers...and Transformers' "spark" when they die returns to it.

And for some reason the General Electric headquarter has a stylized William Blake Ancient of Days above it's doorway (I'll get Blake's for this post's pic).

Oh, and the Transformers live by consuming a substance called "energon"...which of course reminded me of "Enron"...and wouldn't you know, they have a cube like logo in the patio to their headquarters entryway!!

And another "side by side" are those eyeglasses in Transformers...they held a map to where the Cube was...there were eyeglasses in American Treasure...Ben Franklin's...and they were part of the "mapping" riddle to the treasure...which was Egyptian golden stuff.

I have somewhere to go with this maybe!!...for tomorrow..
CSI New York on..."find something there?"...
Story of somali kids today...UNICEF allied with World Vision....I just found a UNICEF letter in my junk mail stack...they've sent me a real nickle...and the usual plea...anyone helping has my prayers.
Then that giggly VISA add in the Toy Store...that instrumental circus song is cool.
Tree in the Door
Nov. 14, 2007

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