Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kerouac and Jazz

Nicholas Cage on in movie with Shirley McClain where he's her bodyguard....started to watch it once but couldn't finish it...not sure I'll make it this time!!...sounds a lot like work...

Anyway...the piped in jazz has given way to xmas music...but on thinking on jazz I thought to look up Kerouac's take on jazz....I think there's some influence of Muir's writing in Kerouac's likely via Gary Snyder...the two of them clambered up a peak on the East Side...see Darma Bums...lemegolook...brb...

"so this world will report you well and truly"

Well, he could turn a phrase, and if still about with Steve Allen on piano this kindof thing might fly better in today environs.

Well, I hadn't realized the possiblities of YouTube for poetry...and did a Graves search and happened on some young people doing one of this poems...

...hard to understand...but I got the poem...


Song : One Hard Look
by Robert Graves

Small gnats that fly
In hot July
And lodge in sleeping ears,
Can rouse therein
A trumpet's din
With Day-of-Judgement fears.

Small mice at night
Can wake more fright
Than lions at midday.
An urchin small
Torments us all
Who tread his prickly way.

A straw will crack
The camel's back,
To die we need but sip,
So little sand
As fills the hand
Can stop a steaming ship.

One smile relieves
A heart that grieves
Though deadly sad it be,
And one hard look
Can close the book
That lovers love to see--

Pic isn't mine...snagged from wikipedia....a mountain on my "sometime" list!


Tree in the Door

Nov. 25, 2007

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