Friday, March 7, 2008

Lotto Tickets

(Note:..this is repost of post mistakenly posted in Fauna and Flora last night...I haven't got anything for tonight! this'll have to do!)

Once in a while I buy a lotto ticket...and it's I am so certain that I have a winning ticket!...and then when the numbers come matches hardly ever...certainly not enough to win...
sometimes when I write something..or paint...or just make something...I have kinda that same "certain I've won" feeling...a kinda glow that lasts...well..until my critical self kicks back in!...and informs matches! over in fauna and gotta be a winner clip and pic! sure to have look!

TV was on but was so busy tring to upload, backup and make a littel's almost four am again!...

I'll continue to wonder about the new road...but it's not in my purview...not much is!

Not much thinking today...but included a nice pic of the old cabins in the backyard during the ninety seven flood....from Yosemite Association site with Fresno Bee story of Valley Plan is their it's often their money doing the fix its and restorations!

Tree in the Door

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