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PBS on with bio of Pete Seeger...a curio quote:

"a scientist said the best beginning for an education would be a religious education"...

that's a paraphrase...I'd be curious who the scientist is...and it sounds a bit Seegerish...if not his words..than he adopted them...he goes on to explain the benefits of such an it's some kinda yoga...

Religion is all about rituals...ceremonies...weddings... funerals...baptisms...and Scientists are right in the swim...the ones in Absolute Zero were quite taken with the Nobel Prize ceremony...and a shuttle launch is a terrific ritual...'s that all figure?...these rituals are full of superstitions...there's much to think on here!...when does the President become the oath taking ceremony?...and the oath...what manner of superstition is that?...brb....


Throughout the period from late 1943 until President Franklin Roosevelt's death on April 12, 1945. Roosevelt reportedly suffered from various life-threatening ailments, including malignant melanoma, hypertensive cardiomyopathy, severe high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and stroke-related symptoms (to which he would eventually succumb). Henry Wallace, his Vice President for most of this period, was largely regarded by many governmental and Democratic insiders as too close to the Soviet Union and potentially a Communist sympathizer, so moving him in to any sort of Acting Presidency or co-Presidency was never seriously considered. Also, it was considered necessary for national security purposes during World War II not to show weakness to America's enemies. When Wallace was supplanted as Vice President in January, 1945 by Harry S Truman, Truman was also kept unaware of Roosevelt's condition.


Well...Seeger campaigned with Wallace when he ran for President....he'd taken up with the Communists.....(and later with "boosomy young women"...but that's an aside...)

On the one hand Seeger sees the power of music to motivate politically...but on the other seems totally naive that the protestors against his music were perfectly aware of that...and themselves somekinda naive in sicking the FBI on 'm all...

Wallace I've studied out in the JFK posts...and well...brb...


In 1950, when North Korea invaded South Korea, Wallace broke with the Progressives and backed the U.S. led war effort in the Korean War.[1] In 1952, Wallace published Where I Was Wrong, in which he explained that his seemingly-trusting stance toward the Soviet Union and Stalin stemmed from inadequate information about Stalin's excesses and that he, too, now considered himself an anti-Communist. He wrote various letters to "people who he thought had traduced him" and advocated the re-election of President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956.[1]
In 1961, President elect John F. Kennedy invited him to his inauguration ceremony, though he had supported Kennedy's opponent Richard Nixon. A touched Wallace wrote to Kennedy: "At no time in our history have so many tens of millions of people been so completely enthusiastic about an Inaugural Address as about yours.".[

Wallace was a genius with breeding chickens and genetically altering strains of corn...and had the talent for taking up with every fad that came along...and this well before the summer of love!!

Seeger's folk songs are charming...and the folk movement entertaining...and I listen to a lot of Blue Grass...but always feel a bit like at a Billy Graham gathering...insoumuch there is this tug to join a herd...

And actually that's a bit one is on about Bob Dylan...well...being "traduced" is always a problem with the music world!!


Godfrey McHugh was beside John Kennedy's coffin, standing rigidly at attention. Ken O'Donnell withdrew to the corridor. O'Brien participated in setting up the ritual which Lyndon Johnson had said Bob Kennedy wanted; then he retreated behind Sarah Hughes. The feeling extended to members of the permanent Presidential staff. Stoughton himself wished he were elsewhere. In his prints two tiny points of light identify the spectacles of Ira Gearhart, but the bagman and his football had to be there; the thermonuclear threat was no respecter of tragedy. Gearhart was alone. The crewmen had quietly retired. Boots Miller of the baggage detail was in the staff cabin with his face averted, cradling in his arms a paper bag containing Jacqueline Kennedy's ruined pillbox hat, and Jim Swindal recoiled down the aisle to Clint Hill's side and pressed his face against Roy Kellerman's broad back. As 26000's pilot the Colonel should have been present. Nobody had known that he took politics seriously. But beneath his Milton Caniff air the dapper Alabaman had idolized John Kennedy. He had not known he could suffer so. He felt as though he had a stone in his chest. It would have taken every Johnson agent to drag him into the stateroom. As he explained afterward, "I just didn't want to be in the picture, I didn't belong to the Lyndon Johnson team. My President was in that box."...


and not having studied it..dont know what it all is...but the theads in jfk go over and over this "ritual"...(the site appears to be doing an "ekphrasis" using 1984..the Orwell a stem)

Johnson became acting president when JFK lay wounded and any officer on a battlefield replaces a fallen officer...and it was a battlefield...alerts went up...and once JFK was declared dead...Johnson was president...and the oath taking could come any time...and why it happened when it grist...

the confusing wording of how the presidency it transfered wiki explains..and the amendment that straightens it out...hopefully...least a vicar take over!


The meeting in the Oval Office was private, but after it ended White House aides invited photographers to snap pictures of Ronald Reagan and his Secretary of State. Explained one staffer: "We need to show that the Secretary has access to Reagan." Replied another: "You've got it wrong. We need to show that the President has access to Al Haig."

The "Vicar" Takes Charge
Monday, Mar. 16, 1981 By GEORGE J. CHURCH





That's all I could get from that CBS story...copy has some good lines...and tells the tale of General Haig's day!

I suppose the "pocalypse" will be some launch ritual...the misslemen's practiced cermony...


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