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Serpent's Egg

well...back to the thought I skipped...there's yet another cave..or cavern...underneath a monument...the Dome of the Rock...brb...


Writing of the sublimely beautiful structure with its heavenly dome, its columns of rare marble and its brilliant mosaics, the British authority on Muslim architecture, K.A.C. Creswell, exclaimed:

"Under a scheme whereby the size of every part is related to every other part in some definite proportion, the building instead of being a collection of odd notes becomes a harmonious chord in stones, a sort of living crystal; and after all it really is not strange that harmonies of this sort should appeal to us through our sight, just as chords in music appeal to our hearing. Some of the ratios involved are fundamental in time and space, they go right down to the very basis of our nature, and of the physical universe in which we live and move."

(and this from same site)

In the Dome of the Rock, beneath the ancient sacred stone, is a cave-like crypt known as Bir el- Arweh, the Well of Souls. Here, according to ancient folklore (not Islamic), the voices of the dead may sometimes be heard along with the sounds of the rivers of paradise.


That's quite a web page...five star recommendation!

I was once regaled by the Well of Souls by a Mormon friend..brb...well...cant find it...but what my friend said was that the Earth would continue until the Well of Souls was empty...meaning I think they would all be alive concurrently...which would appear to be soon with so many people about!

....and there was this...on looking at a Mormon books with ancient Egyptian drawings (something to do with a lost tribe coming to the New World...Americas...before Columbus)...I asked:
"How can you believe all this, and not believe in aliens?"

To which he answered, "Oh, but we do believe in aliens."

An answer I found charming and amusing...I just assumed all the Judeo religious offshoots disregarded aliens!

a search: "Mormons believe in aliens", would appear to bear this all out!!

Dont know but that aliens, if there are such, appear to be even more reclusive than Brown Creepers hereabouts...and probably for good cause!

But my eye caught another bit in that Dome of the Rock piece...brb...


Mt. Moriah was already considered highly sacred for several reasons. An ancient Semitic tradition stated that the bare rock atop the mount was held in the mouth of the serpent Tahum, and that this place was the intersection of the underworld and the upper world.


That's the American Indian earth work with the serpent and the egg!...brb...


Serpent Mound has stirred the curiosity of laymen and scientists for more than a century. Some people speculate that the serpent is shown in the process of swallowing an egg, the oval earthwork. Another interpretation has the snake striking at a frog that has leaped away as it ejects an egg, again the oval earthwork. Still other ideas suggest that the oval symbolizes the heart of the reptile or its conventionalized head and eye. Archaeologists now believe that the oval wall represents a snake's mouth, open to its fullest extent, as it strikes its prey.



and this, from same site, is a curio!


THE SERPENT MOUND GEOLOGYSerpent Mound is located within an unusual geological area known as the Serpent Mound cryptoexplosion structure. This is an area nearly five miles in diameter containing extremely faulted and folded bedrock. Such faulting is uncommon in the normally flat-layered rocks of Ohio. A meteorite strike or a volcanic explosion are among early theories used to explain the area's unusual geology, but the site contains no volcanic material or meteorite debris. Current thinking favors an origin caused by an explosion of gas generated deep within the earth that escaped along a zone of weakness in the rock layers.


that bears more searches!..brb...
Robert Graves in his book The Greek Myths (ISBN 0-14-017199-1) attempted to reconstruct a Pelasgian creation myth involving Ophion as a serpent created by a supreme goddess called Eurynome dancing on the waves. She is fertlized by the serpent and in the form of Night lays a golden egg on the waters about which Ophion entwines until eventually it hatches and the world issues forth. Then Ophion and Eurynome dwell in the world on Mt. Olympus until Ophion's boasting leads Eurynome to banish him to the darkness below the earth. Skeptics have found Graves' interpretation too different from the surviving texts and too idiosyncratic to be convincing.
from wikipedia on Ophion
Snakes of course swallow everything whole...egg included...and egg..well..brb...
If you said an egg is an oval, you're right! The fancy math words to describe an egg shape are oblate spheroid. The word spheroid means that the egg is like a sphere, but isn't exactly a sphere. That's because an egg isn't perfectly round. The word oblate means that the poles of the egg are flattened or depressed. So, an egg is a not-quite-round sphere with flattened sides. You could say that it's an oval with one end larger than the other.
Add this:
Sura 79:30 reads
Wal'arda ba'da dhalika dahaha
and is usually translated as
And the earth, moreover, hath He extended (to a wide expanse); (Yusuf Ali) And after that He spread the earth, (Pickthall) And the earth, He expanded it after that. (Shakir)
But some years ago, a new dawah[1] translation was made which reads
"He made the earth egg-shaped."[2]
Based on this special translation, the following argument is sometimes presented:
The Holy Qur'an tells us that God had created the earth ovoid in shape (which is the nearest description according to recent scientific evidence, and not like a ball). This is one of many great evidences for the truth of the Qur'an.
The object on the open mouth like end of the serpent like ancient Indian earthwork...is an oval....
The Earth is not quite spherical, due to what is know as "rotationalflattening." It's not egg-shaped, either, it's shaped more like a pumpkin.
And that from the Department of Energy!...anyway..
My interpretation is this: the coils at the "tail" and the oscillations, represent the seasons and the days...a year...and the oval in the "grip" of the "mouth" represents the Earth...and it is in the "grip" of Time...the Seasons and the Year...which is the tilt of the earth..the Precession...and the earthwork is oriented in such away to mark the solsitiec, the equinox, and even maybe the a constellation that once had the the North Star.
Things like this are under the heading Archaeoastronomy...think I have the spelling..brb...wiki has it...
And snakes of course often live in dens during cold times...or borrow a burrow...but I wanted to go to one more thought...the Navajos and their myth of emerging from underground...brb...maybe they have one cave in particular...well there's too much out there...a book called Navajo Genesis likely has the story of the Indians emerging from underground...
Oh, and too the earthwork can represent a river...or creek!...making it's way to the ocean...it is Planet Ocean after all!..which Graves has right.
Oh...and this...show on the other night about the Nazca Lines with thought they were giant dance tracks...People would dance along them...brb...
Johan Reinhard, a cultural anthropologist with the National Geographic Society, found that villagers in Bolivia walk along a straight pathway to shrines while praying and dancing for rain. Something similar may have been done at the ancient Nasca lines.
The non-material form of cultural preservation perhaps can best be seen in the traditions of the ritual dance, and of the grand theater--with mythological roots very much older than the settling of Crete--in which it is set. One of the principal features of the great palace at Knossos uncovered by Evans was interpreted as Ariadne's dance floor. Upon this was performed the labyrinthine Geranos, or Crane Dance as it was called on Delos...still a popular folk dance throughout Greece. To be sure, some versions of the myth say the shipload of reprieved victims stopped by Delos on the way home where they performed this dance before an altar constructed by Apollo him-self from the horns of she-goats taken only from one side of the animal's head, reminiscent of the one horn grasped by Europa, and of the one horn clasped by the much earlier female figure in the Paleo-lithic cave at Laussel. The Geranos is a circle-dance in which the performers with joined hands weave in and out, over and under, tying themselves as it were, into a knot and then untying themselves without letting go of hands.
Walking as Art
Mythology & ReligionAnd I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire: And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth. Revelation, X
wow!..another five star site!!...but way too much for even Ophion to swallow whole!
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