Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Sphinx

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There's another cave under a monument I thought of...there's a cave, made by the Egyptians I think...under the Sphinx too...brb...Ferguson is on...opening monolog...ah..something funny!...

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They're chatting about what's under the Sphinx...



In 1993 John West and his team were physically expelled from the site by Dr. Zahi Hawass then (and now) the Egyptian government's Chief Inspector of Antiquities for the Pyramids and Sphinx. He appeared to be angered by the suggestion that the Sphinx might be far older than the civilization of Egypt itself - and thus the work of a lost civilization - and was particularly incensed by an NBC television film that was made about the team's work. This film linked the Sphinx to Atlantis and suggested that the chamber beneath the paws might contain the legendary "Hall of Records' of Atlantis. Hawass called these claims, "American hallucinations...There is no scientific base for any of this. We have older monuments in the same area. They definitely weren't built by men from Atlantis. It's nonsense and we won't allow our monuments to be exploited for personal enrichment. The Sphinx is the soul of Egypt."


A dustup!...
But Hawass is kinda cool.
Pic of Sphinx is from Delos.
There's another Egyptian underground thing that's a real deal mystery..brb...
well...sites are locking up...but I'll find it...tomorrow!...gnite!
but wait...I found it...and it's said to be in the same archetechtual style as things of the Sphinx...

Description - Abydoss has revealed itself to be one of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt. It is the site of the pre-dynastic royal graveyard, and of the Osirion, an enigmatic underground chamber connected to the Nile and fashioned from enormous blocks. The style of masonry has been compared to that seen at the Valley temple, Giza.
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