Saturday, March 8, 2008


Well....waiting to take a pic of Ground Squirrel coming out of the burrow...has reminded me I want to look up a modern underground temple of sorts in Italy that I just caught a glimpse of on some show...brb...well...found it with: underground Italy temple modern...right away..or at least a blog that gives the name of it...brb...well...that first search was just bringing up some bloggers being silly!...and not the temple I saw,,,,but drilling deeper I found the story of the recent discovery of the cave of Romulus and Remus...this at Nat. Geo.

Nat. Geo. was on with two good on Bear behaviour..brb...tale of Ben Kilgam and his bears...

Janet Jackson is giving Larry King dance lessons...some guys...

and a show about Moose...which reminded the scenes of Moose around houses and roads and their travails...of a kinda theme that's showing up in the Fauna Flora clips and pics...

Bears...hibernate in caves...we're headed underground with the posts for awhile! I found what I glimpsed!...
The first time the police came it was over alleged tax evasion and still the temples lay undiscovered. But a year later the police swooped on the community demanding: "Show us these temples or we will dynamite the entire hillside."
Falco and his colleagues duly complied and opened the secret door to reveal what lay beneath.
Three policemen and the public prosecutor hesitantly entered, but as they stooped down to enter the first temple - named the Hall of the Earth - their jaws dropped.
Eighth wonder of the world?
The stunning temples secretly carved out below ground by 'paranormal' eccentric
I feel I bit like a "tunneler" with the blogs...and the web a regular Prairie Dog Town!...on a whim I find there are such tourist stops...
and...after considering the varmint's some comic relief...the dramatic prairie dog!..
I think I have some clips of this sort too!...
Tree in the Door

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