Friday, June 15, 2007



Dr. Who was on when I got off work.

I think he and the girl save the earth in every episode!

Then a show I’d seen before about amber fossils.

A still photograph is like “light amber” that captures the image,

Fossil amber from ancient tree resin captures the whole thing.
Found "fossil amber metalmark butterflies" on the web.


Then Charlie Rose with Zibigney…or however it’s spelled…yakityyakity yak about Iraq.
Powel says bring them all home??

I want to hear from the people who study, who look into the amber with a loop.

I’m of the opinion, as the 99 Balloons song goes. “this is war”.
Then Charlie has an art critic on talking all about Van Gough...there's one Vincent did of an artist carrying his french easel...try to find that for tomorrow!
Butterfly pic from wikipedia.
Oh, there was a science fiction story that worked out that amber was like a hologram picture...that when it had solidified there were pictures made in it of the ancient scenes.

Tree in the Door
June 14, 2oo7

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