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Turtle Island

Turtle Island

I'm partial to tortoises, having had a desert tortoise found crossing the road near a bean field for 40 years. They cant be returned to the desert, they have some kindof contagious sinus condition acquired from city life.

I read Gary Snyder's "Turtle Island" a while ago, and he's a famous Sierra writer. I suppose I could do a review of his poems...but for this post it's just the notion of Turtle Island I'm after. Native Americans came up with the name Turtle Island for their land. Snyder I find tonight extended this to all of North America...I've forgotten what all I read in the book.

America is a fine name and I don't see the point of changing it to get at a different ethos with regard to the environment which is what something called Deep Ecology is about (curiously in JFK lore there is the notion of Deep work we have something called Deep Cleaning!!) Anyway, anyway, here's a Snyder quote:

Snyder himself wrote:
Buddhist teachings go on to say that the true source of compassion and ethical behavior is paradoxically none other than one's own realization of the insubstantial and ephemeral nature of everything. Much of animism and paganism celebrate the actual, in its inevitable pain and death, and offer no utopian hopes. Add to this contemporary ecosystem theory, and environmental history, and you get a sense of what's at work. One recent philosophical outcome is "Deep Ecology" which informs the work of the Wild Lands Project [sic], among others. (Snyder, 1995, Deep Ecology for the 21st Century, Sessions, ed.)

So I looked up Deep Ecology and read Wiki's bit which has the story of the originator, a Norwegian...


The phrase deep ecology was coined by the Norwegian philosopher Arne Næss in 1973,[1] and he helped give it a theoretical foundation.

Now, Arne Naes got his start with a protest...


Næss cited Rachel Carson's 1962 book Silent Spring as being a key influence in his vision of deep ecology. Næss also engaged in direct action. In 1970, together with a large number of demonstrators, he chained himself to rocks in front of Mardalsfossen a waterfall in a Norwegian fjord and refused to descend until plans to build a dam were dropped


I found this waterfall protest charming, and wrote a poem which I posted in "Second Arrow".

All these environmental groups, all of them, are elitists, there's very little grass roots common man in them. Oh sure, everyone is invited to join them, but the general populace has as much chance of genuinely participating as an average journalist does of influencing the editors of network news shows. This to say these groups have their talking heads too, Snyder famously being one.

America is famous for making groups, joining together over special interests...maybe that's where I go next...Jules Verne, From the Earth to the Moon!
Why is Letterman funny??
Well, I signed off with the cabin shaking funny, then it rocked and rolled a bit. Watch the news now...
Ferguson is funny!!
Well, the quake was 9 miles se of Mammoth...I found that google searching the blogs with "earthquake california"...and this is very cool, it took me here:
Thank you! We got your input.
If you answered all the questions under Your experience and Earthquake effects, we can compute an estimated digital intensity based on your answer alone.
Note that the maps are computed using all the responses in your area, which may be different from yours. Also, community intensities are more accurate with a higher number of responses (say, 10 or more.) See the scientific background section for more details on how these maps are made, or the FAQ for questions about the maintainance of this site. If you still have questions, fill out our comment form.
Your estimated intensity
Intensity for
your zipcode
in your

Zip area
United States
Cabin across street from Yosemite Lodge
How did other people feel it? View the map or look at a list of statistics by ZIP code. (Note that it may take up to several minutes before the map is changed to reflect your response. Please see our FAQ for more details.)
We are also collecting information about major historical earthquakes that you may have felt. Please visit our Archives or return to the home page.
Northern California residents: We are collecting surveys for the Loma Prieta 1989 earthquake. Please go to the Loma Prieta questionnaire.
Southern California residents: We are collecting surveys for the Northridge 1994 earthquake. Please go to the Northridge questionnaire.
The Community Internet Intensity Map will be updated every five minutes. Check back soon.
That's neat.


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June 11, 2007

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