Tuesday, June 26, 2007

High Noon and Spider Man 3

At the end of High Noon, when Gary Cooper is walking with hesitation the empty streets...the deserted town has an atmosphere to it. I'm not sure what to compare it to (comparison is how things get expressed!), and saw some Edward Hopper paintings in the current Smithsonian magazine, and thought maybe that was it...the harsh light and empty buildings, and solitary, isolated people.

I thought of that riding the bus to Merced. I thought to look at cars, and hopped off the bus at Amtrak having spotted a couple with for sale signs. I looked them over but they were too expensive, and besides, I dont want a car. That's been my mantra of late: I dont want a car. Anyway, I walked into the old part of town and the theater was showing Spider Man 3. The theaters themsevles are as small as the old Gem, the difference being there is a whole bunch of them in a complex.

Now, at the end of Spider Man 3, Spidy needs help just like Gary Cooper in High Noon. And the villains threaten the hero's girl. A fun movie, and I suppose Grandmother's brought the Grandkids to see it, now as then.

And of course the villains are apocalyptic villains. A sand man made by a particle experiment, and some kinda alien thing arriving on a meteor.

Spidy kept his badge.

Came home with a flat screen lcd TV, and mini DVD TV, and a MP3 player. I can get more space, replace my broken mp3, get rid of the giant tube TV I inherited from previous roomys, and now be able to watch TV on the little one when they sleep, which they do a lot!

"Oh, your room hasn't changed much...but then there's not much you can do."
Spider Man's Aunt (?)

Pedaled to Curry for a late Pizza, and back in the dark with the headlamp...sometimes the lamp picks up the reflections of wildlife's eyes...deer, bear, raccoon...just owls screeching by the Lower Falls tonight.

(I'll get more craftsmanlike as this goes along, I guess...Google's spellchecker is very cool, much better than Word).

Tree in the Door

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