Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Great Turf

On the TV when I came home tonight was the story of the Israel Arab 1967 war, more detailed than I've seen before.

I was thinking about The Great Turf today, the famous watercolor by Durer. He did a hare too, and for my watercolor class I thought to paint the Great Turf and put the Hare in the picture. A unique idea? Well, I thought, but in the San Diego museum they hung a picture to replace one loaned to another museum (I'll have to do a post on that picture!) and it was a couple centuries old and it had the hare happily situated in the turf! I didn't finish the painting, I think I still have it. When I have chance! That's my refrain of late!!

Yesterday I was peddeling through Cook's Meadow, and I could hear things moving about in the thick meadow grasses, and tried to see them, and take a pic, and that's what got me thinking about the Great Turf.
Oh, and now a show about the history of the Flowery Flag, that's what they called it in Old China, and they'd fly it on their boats for luck--Old Glory.
Tree in the Door
June 13, 2007


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DavidDavid said...

Well, not knowing what a widget is! I went and snagged one on a whim.

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DavidDavid said...

Well, the widget, dancing dolphins, has dissappeared. :(