Monday, June 25, 2007

American Memory

The American Memory site at the Library of Congress was one of the first things I found in 2000 or so. Time to time I visit it, and I guess it's gotten bigger, though the things I look for like the Yangtze Patrol haven't changed. I found drawings and old photos of all the old bridges in the Valley. And here is another view of the backyard. Took me awhile to snag it as Quicktime kept butting in!! Anyway, this drawing dates I believe to the 1920s, though made more recently. All those little dots are buildings gone with the flood of '97. The dots right under the word Bridge is the Superintendent's House (photos of this at site too), which is really cool, but boarded up. I walked both sides of the creek today, and then along the Merced to Curry for dinner, then back passed the Awahanee Meadow, where I saw a nesting hawk (they like the Royal Arches area, where rock climbers because of them are made to stay away.) And I saw a bear tearing apart an old log by Le Conte Memorial. So, quite a walk!!

American Memory...then search: Yosemite

Tree in the Door
June 25, 2007

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