Friday, June 22, 2007


Man vs Wild on when I got off work. I watch all these, this one while eating watermellon, (preferable to sheep eyeball). Then Deadliest Catch. I get seasick easy!

Souvenir is French word for memory. Actually "memory" is derived from French .

It's all about Souvenirs.

It's all about Memories.

I tried to think up a post from this...I cant even think of a pic!!

I was up too late and too sleepy all day.

Well, I'll put up the pic of the "backyard" which has been carefully planned out. I've studied this before, but didn't notice that the tree circle drawings are of the real trees!
Number 4 is Tree in the Door. It's color indicated "demolition".
This pic should probably be over in Flora and Fauna. I'll put a grid on it, then I can locate the pics.
Surrounded by sourvenir hunters I am!!
Well, now there's an infomercial on for oldies but goodies rock and roll songs...and I did an ekphrasis poem on one of those a long time ago. My old poems aren't with was good, and I'll have to retrieve it if it hasn't got tossed. I hear these old songs at work too, and a lamenting thought that the future, while it will have them, wont have what it was like to hear them and the artists in their time.
But the future will have it's own time.
A rookie on the crab boat gets a jacket if he survives his first outing.
Tree in the Door
June 22, 2007

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