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Late last night the first movie I ever saw in a theater was on, "High Noon".

Finding Nemo reminded me of the second I saw, which was 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

And the third, a double bill with Under the Sea was a documentary by Jaques Costeau. I remember the Academy Award on TV when both won awards.

I must have seen another film with High Noon.

Some other early films I saw at the Gem, a real deal small town theater. Battle Cry. Ten Commandments. Run of the Arrow. Forbidden Planet. War of the Worlds. Cal Tiki. The Monster that Challenged the Word. I Was a Teenage Werewolf. The Blob. The Giant Claw. Something Miles to Earth (a dinosaur in the Roman Coliseum). The Giant Crab. Journey to the Center of the Earth. The Amazing Colossal Man. The Time Machine. Ben Hur. The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad. The Black Rose. King Arthur and His Knights. Francis in the Army.

I'll have to add some more as I recall them.

There was one I saw about an old merchant ship...letmegetthat one...well, I cant find it, it starred Yul Brynner and Orsen Wells. I saw it for the first time since a child on PBS a few months back. It has some remarkable scenes in it, including one of Yul's trade mark rant and raves. (Morituri, with Marlon Brando, not Wells...a curio: Brynner died within an hour of Wells!)

I looked up Memory on wikipedia tonight to try and get a take, and was disappointed it didn't have anything on the memory of places, like hiking trails!, or memory of movies.

I remember these movies, and often think of them, and of course seen them repeatedly. I've watched TV and gone to movies constantly, so I have the usual storehouse.

I might spend some time here in the blog ruminating on them...needles to say the early fifty films were heavily laden with cold war fears.

Today I thought about the Imagineers Nemo Nautilus, and how organic it looks, even a bit of a take on the giant squid (the two observation ports like giant squid eyes!), and how Ned Land when he fights the squid is fighting Nemo's alter manifestation, cant think of the name and I had it!...and where did I see this too...the Forbidden Planet, the invisible monster from the id of Walter Pidgeon. They keep playing of late Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. sheesh!

Oh, in one about Perseus, the Kraken is the fair damsel's (Andromeda), what's it called!! somesortof manifestation. *
Cool, film of a Moray Eel fighting an Octopus, in a nature doc on Octopi!!
This after the Tube Worms and undersea vents again!!
*Well, I was able to find what I was thinking of here...emanation was the word and search emanation andromeda graves greek took me to it...a quote of Grave's Greek Myths. He has these remarkable, and gifted I think, explanation of the iconograpy sources of the myths.
Andromeda's story has probably been deduced from a Palestinian icon of the Sun-god Marduk, or his predecessor Bel, mounted on his white horse and killing the sea-mosnter Tiamat. This myth also formed part of Hebrew mythology: Isaiah mentions that Jehovah (Marduk) hacked Rahab in pieces with a sword (Isaiah li, 9); and according to Job x. 13 and xxvi. 12, rahab was the Sea. In the same icon, the jewewlled naked Andromeda, standing chained to a rock, is Aphrodite, or Ishtar, or Astarte, the lecherous Sea-goddess, 'ruler of men'. But she is not waiting to be rescued; Marduk has bound her there himself, after killing her emanation, Tiamat the sea-serpent, to prvent further mischief. In the Babylonian Creation Epic, it was she who sent the Flood. Astarte, as Sea-goddess, had temples all along the Palestinian coast, and at Troy she was Hesione, 'Queen of Asia', whom Heracles is said to have rescued from another sea-monter.
I've thought to google up every name in Graves'(Robert Graves, Greek Myths). I love the old names.


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June 24, 2007

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