Saturday, June 9, 2007


Well, during the walkabout today outback I noticed a lot of plants uprooted, and wondered if the Trash Can Tiki Temple flowers were gone...sure enough, the "immigration" enforcers got 'm. "Illegal aliens" they were...this to say non native to the Valley species of fauna and flora are removed.

On a ranger guided walk once in Sequoia I heard the explanation of "before Columbus", an effort to return the redwood ecosystem to what it was before Columbus came to the Americas. This is an oversimplification, and probably not even accurate, but it's the idea-- that there is an ideal mix of fauna and flora that is beset by foreign species taking root and moving in. A brown squirrel introduced from the east coast is slowly pushing out ground, or greys, I forget, in areas near San Francisco, from their natuaral habitat. That sort of thing.

Watched tonight how candy is made, more robots!, story of Loch Ness monster and other lake monsters, and a show about the history of dogs and people, how the dogs moved from being wild to domestic pets. In India there are still marginally wild dogs, no ones personal pets, but beggars and scavenger that attach to the community--camp followers.

"Dingos have veen interbreeding with dogs introduced by white settelers. The dingo is being hybridized out of existance.....serious conservations methods may be needed."

Singing dogs of New Guiena...

A poem...

The Valley, June 9, 2007

Haven't heard or seen Coyote,
And where are the mosquitoes!!
The Falls are gossamer already,
Their Spring roar gone with the Dogwood flowers.

Tree in the Door
June 9, 2009

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