Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Lost Boys

Well, Chevy Chase has just punched the moose...Summer Vacation.

Wendy and the Lost Boys of Neverland.
Pic from Gutenberg.

I feel like a lost boy here in the Valley, and there's a regular tribe, lost girls too. We're not kids of course, but there is the sense of being away from family and home. No one can call the Valley home, except for awhile. Families can establish homes for generations. But for the lost here it's valued to be on our own, and be it so humble, saying after work, "I'm going home."

Ah, so I google up 'lost boys' to try and make a post and find myself reading about the Lost Boys and Lost Girls of Sudan. These are children who perished or managed to escape the wars in Sudan. From 1984 to 2oo4 some two million of all ages have perished. Some thousands of the Lost Boys have come to America. The Lost Girls perished or were enslaved.

ALIAS is on with Nora Jones on the soundtrack. Television is the solace of the lost.

a poem

And what of other worlds circling around the far stars?

"Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning..."

Read in a book their inhabitants adventures and travails,

Or for a Sunday afternoon movie crowd of kids,

Distant Neverlands.


Tree in the Door

June 10, 2007


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