Sunday, June 3, 2007

Cadmus' Dragon

One of the charms of the web is I can find out about the mythical references in poems in an eye blink, where before searching the library was so daunting that I usually just shrugged and tried to gather in the sense of a poem without really knowing the reference.

In Horace's Ars Poetica I quoted the other day, there was this...

Let not Medea, with unnatural rage,
Slaughter her mangled infants on the stage;
Nor Atreus his nefarious feast prepare,
Nor Cadmus roll a snake, nor Progne wing the air;
For while upon such monstrous scenes we gaze,
They shock our faith, our indignation raise.

Next few posts I'm going to go over these references....

It's late...tomorrow Tuolumne for an afternoon...almost like the night before Xmas!!


June 3, 2007

Tree in the Door

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