Friday, January 25, 2008

Battle Blog or Brochure Blog?

Well, there's recruitment ad on TV now that shows the MC's drill team in different settings...atop desert monument bluffs...Goldengate Bridge...very pretty...well...very photog artsy fartsy...

The reason militaries are so fastidious, spit and polish, and disciplined, is that their job is often the extreme opposite.

So there a duality in the image, always, but at times the modern brochure military presentations ring hollow...last night the OC chopper show did patriotic rush up with a special chopper made for a guard unit...who reciprocated with a fine looking bronze of a Minuteman.

Bikers are notorious...and somehow of late they latch on to "big notes" trumpet fanfares...with flags flying...and I guess we're all just to forget that the first reaction to a biker is to cringe...they live the vida the guard unit will adopt LAInk...

But this brochure stuff is out of hand...just gone way overboard.

And I dont want to do a blog that's a brochure...

One glimpse of hereabouts is more "brochure" than anyone can ever communicate in any media...and to join in the tourist trade with my pics or thoughts would be okay...but I'll not do it if I have to shut down seeing things truly.

Which gets to what I was thinking about...Ansel Adam's and that club groupF64. With modern cameras that could take razor sharp detail...they thought to take pics that were true to the things themselves.

Pics earlier were romantic and sentimental with soft light, and even costumed figures to add atmosphere, more like paintings.

Adnan's taking pictures. ET is on. Pictures of Brittany...there's one on my door behind hanging coats from before I moved in...a young Brittany in brown short shorts, boots. short jacket. and holding out her arms like Jesus...

The 12x camera is a kinda new thing in the Valley...and I'm not sure if the photog community has caught on to it's import...which is that it takes video and stills and is inexpensive enough to be available to everyone. It doesn't take razor sharp pics...enlarged they're soft...but not unpleasantly so...and the video is good just enough for small TV...

It's hard to describe all it does...and the just fun it is to take the pics and clips...have to refer here to Fauna and Flora here for what it is capable of...tied together with the web it's a "media".

And I gotta wonder what groupf64 would make of it?

There's such a flood of day to day many few buyers..

I cant even figure what I wrote tonight!...and no pic.

Oh, I think what it is, is that the critters are showing me that the world they see day to day has no medias...

Garth Brooks is on next...I'll try to keep up!

Tree in the Door

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