Monday, January 14, 2008

Ship's Log

Well, the blog is a log...I mean...blogs started out being called web logs...a better name has a connotation of being confrontational...or a kindof in your face journalism insomuch it can do everything a major media can do but it's in the hands of an individual!

And a curio last night after I signed infomerical on how one can become a corporation...and aquire corporate credit...somekinda money making scheme with rags to riches testimonials...maybe we should all give up our corporal selves for the 'real existence'!

But to ships...ships are born when they are christened...the champagne bottle shatter on the prow and off they go...and I imagine then the first log entries are made in the logbook...and for the ship's life everyday a log entry is made. That's kinda neat...and it's how I've come to regard my blogs...Tree in the Door and Tree in the Door Fauna and Flora...they're logs.

Just sailing along...
Deleted a wiki quote here on the Star Trek ship Enterprise...better left where it was! star trek enterprise
And too, yesterday in the paper was the Alaskan story of the fifty eagles...they descended on a truck full of fish leavings from processing and got so gooeied up in the stuff they couldn't fly..and the cold was getting to them, and many died.
And this...I just came back from reading some bird blogs...and one tells the tale of Bolsa Chica and the Glass Wall...a developer has put up a glass wall around the they can see the ocean I guess from their patios...and next door is a Nature's a salt water wetlands I've visited myself..I mean this is my home town...and the birds are banging into the wall...and story goes further about how birds are running into the glass skyscrapers and such...
ah...more tomorrow...


Tree in the Door

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