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East India Company

Story in paper about new documentary...made by owner of The's about Nanking...and mentioned too that more films are in works in Hollywood about Old China...have to wait and see what they're like!

I've studied out the corporations before over in jfk...and one of the curios was the East India story went that George Washington flew the flag captured from the ship that the Boston Tea Party raiders threw the tea overboard had red and white stripes and looked a lot like our flag...lemesse if I can find that...brb...

Oh...wikipedia in it's opening on American Flag has this...


Though its design is similar to the flag of the British East India Company, no substantive connection has been established.


lemesee if I can get the George Washington Tea Party part...brb...

this might be worth following up...from wiki site...


Sir Charles Fawcett was a British historian. He served in the Indian Civil Service whilst India was a part of the British Empire. He published a number of articles and books related to Indian history and was an expert on the British East India Company. His most famous article, in 1937, suggests that the design of the flag of the United States of America may have been derived from the flag and jack of the British East India Company.


Here's a bit on Prospect Hill...


January 1, 1776 is the date that made Prospect Hill famous. On this day, George Washington ordered that a new flag be raised on a 76-foot schooner mast placed on Prospect Hill. This "Grand Union Flag" was the first true American flag, representing the united colonies. It was raised with a salute of 13 guns and loud huzzahs by the soldiers.


link is start of story...

And that's a neat site..and neat story!..and I dont know if the flag from the East India ship...three ships actually...was stolen and then used by Washington...they certainly look a lot alike...which is one of those historical bones of contention!..

But what I want to pursue tonight was the East India Company as a Corporation...carrying over from last nite's post....lemeget the charter...brb...

from wiki


The Honourable East India Company (HEIC), often colloquially referred to as "John Company", and simply as the East India Company[1] or the "Company Bahadur" in India, was an early joint-stock company (the Dutch East India Company was the first to issue public stock). It was granted an English Royal Charter by Elizabeth I on December 31, 1600, with the intention of favouring trade privileges in India. The Royal Charter effectively gave the newly created HEIC a 21 year monopoly on all trade in the East Indies. The Company transformed from a commercial trading venture to one that virtually ruled India as it acquired auxiliary governmental and military functions, until its dissolution in 1858 following the events of the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

unquote I found it...did "allen dulles east india" company search...I had happend on the fact that Dulles had an ancestor that worked for the East India Company and searched that out in a jfk thread...and found this back then...which is by the way!...from a very wild wooly conspiracy site...


So to wind this up with a little anecdote: the governor of the East India Company in Bombay, India, was a man named Elihu Yale -- Eli Yale. Yale heard that a small college in New England, specifically in Connecticut, was having trouble getting started. He donated something like $10,000 (which was a lot of money in those days) to help found the college. And we have Yale University (comparable to Harvard) as a result of a gift from the East India Company, from Yale in Bombay, India. In his offices in Bombay (which still exist), on the wall there is the flag of the British East India Company. That flag has seven red bars and six white bars. In the corner it has a blue square, and in that square (or rectangle) is the emblem of the East India Company.
When the Bostonians attacked the ship Dartmouth and threw the tea in Boston Harbor at the Boston Tea Party, they took the flag down off the Dartmouth. It was the East India flag with the red and white stripes and the blue rectangle. They saved it as a memento of that battle. When George Washington went to Boston to assume command of the armies of the rebellion against England, he asked Betsy Ross to take the emblem off the flag and to put stars in its place. All Betsy Ross did that night was not create a flag. She simply snipped out the East India emblem and put in 13 little white stars. And the American flag is the East India flag. So when you hear people of what you might call "ancestral backgrounds" in this country demanding that we pledge allegiance to the flag, you may sometimes wonder if in their seances they don't see the East India flag, instead of the American flag, as the driving force.


Well, I thought to characterize that site...and just who puts it up...but it's such a mish mash!...

But there is something suspicious about the East India Company..and I say that from my reading about Old China...the opium war mess...and the Yale bit is a curio...oh I dont have time to join the conspiracy hounds!!

Suffice to say the Company...may be the Company!...and more than just the flag's look was copied!

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Mark said...

This is right on. I noticed the flag thing first, started thinking about the fed reserve, big money...
USA the empire covers 2/3 of the globe?
The same areas once owned by those early companies, as colonies.
China plays with our economy like a giant Go board.
capitalism, ie. the company, really is in a battle to dominate the entire world and space and solar system.
communism may just be self-defenders against capital.

DavidDavid said...

Thanks Mark...I keep coming up in the Blog here with flag things...somehow...another one tonight...2/ might be 3/1...thanks again for reading!