Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Diana and Delos

I found this in the search last night...from wikipedia...


In Greek mythology Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. Leto had to find a place where the sun had never shone to give birth to the two due to a curse set by Hera, Zeus' wife, because she was angry with Zeus. For this, Zeus raised an island that had been floating underwater and not yet touched by the sun. The island was Delos, and Leto gave birth there, while grasping hold of a sacred palm tree. Artemis was born first, on the 6th of the month. She then proceeded to assist her mother with the birth of Apollo, who was born on the 7th.


Story of the building of the Parthenon on PBS...they're looking now at the Temple of Apollo....entaces?
Well...that's remarkable...there's a Parthenon replica in Nashville, TN...with a full scale Athena inside!
Now..something on about Romans...but I got lost in reading!! Delos is cool.
Caledonian highlanders...apparently some ruthless war of Old Rome against ancient Scots. They're making a movie about the Lost Ninth Legion...from a book...The Eagle of the Ninth, Rosemary Sutcliff...
Tree in the Door

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