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The Glass Wall

Thought a lot today about the report of birds flying into reflective windows on buildings...and too on the fifty eagles.

PBS with Oswald's Ghost, and now a story on bio of Jackie makes no mention of Oswald by name...and it's too bad his name can't be erased from history the way the Old Egyptians would do with a reviled individual!...then again the CTs, conspiracy theories, have it he didn't do it...

There was a show on too, Bone Detective I think it's called, that was about a mummy found in Egypt...and a place, the Falcon Catacomb...which I've read about and the Apis Bull catacomb are very strange...but the Falcon one is a kinda fit with my thinking about the Glass Walls and the Fifty Eagles...lemeexplain...but first that catacomb...brb...falcon box pic is from British Museum web site here:

I need an explanation quote of why the Egyptians mummified these animals!...brb...oh I hate when that microsoft office pop up shows up!...brb...

a book...

The sacred animal necropolis at North Saqqara; The Falcon Complex and Catacomb: The archaeological report.
Davies, Sue and H.S. Smith. (Excavations at North Saqqara; excavation memoir; no.73)
Egypt Exploration Society, ©2005 135+ p. $180.00



The Falcon or Hawk was one of a number of birds considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians. Regarded as the God of the Sky, and as the ‘BA’ or physical manifestation of Horus, the Hawk headed God, who was the embodiment of divine kingship. The Horus Falcon was the guardian deity and protector of the reigning pharaoh, and is frequently depicted with its wings protectively outstretched behind the head of the King. During the late period at Saqqara there was a catacomb specifically constructed for mummified hawks sacred to Horus and examination of some of these mummies has shown them to comprise a number of different types of birds of prey.


Well, that's a kinda fit with the show on TV...which said the mummified falcons were offerings from pilgrims, prayers, but I can't imagine them being killed to make the what was there?...when the Apis bull died it was mummified...but it was pampered while alive...and I wonder here if there was a kinda Falcon temple where they were raised and kept...or what in the world was going on!...this is all fairly the catacombs were discovered in 1969 and have had travails, robbers and such, that's postponed the research...the show said these mummies happened because the Egyptians, having fallen under Greek rule, the Ptolemies, couldn't properly worship Pharaoh, and substituted the sacred animals....I dont know...but back to the Glass Walls and the Fifty Eagles!!

Birds fly into the walls because they mistake them for being open sky...which is what they are reflecting. The Eagles mistook the fish parts in the truck for their usual meal...but conditions, the cold, and slime in the garbage heap of fish, ruined their feathers and them.

Mistakes happen!...story goes on the Old Romans is that they laced their wine with a sweetner...lead...which caused all manner of horrific mental disease...but how were they to know?

There are "millions" the show said, of mummified falcons in those catacombs. Maybe it was a pet cemetary!...but what drove the Egyptians to "fly" into the mental state to do these things!!??

Well, having puzzled over the Rubik's cube of jfk conspiracies..I guess I have an idea...but it's vague!

Everything outside our heads somehow gets our brains reflect the "sky"..and there's some old thinking on reflection by the theologians...lemesee if I can find's part of it:


The arabesque can also be equally thought of as both art and science, some say. The artwork is at the same time mathematically precise, aesthetically pleasing, and symbolic. So due to this duality of creation, they say, the artistic part of this equation can be further subdivided into both secular and religious artwork. However, for many Muslims there is no distinction; all forms of art, the natural world, mathematics and science are all creations of God and therefore are reflections of the same thing (God's will expressed through His Creation). In other words, man can discover the geometric forms that constitute the Arabesque, but these forms always existed before as part of God's creation, as shown in this picture.

Oh...and leme add this from same:

In fact, Sufi Muslims believe that there is no distinction between the spiritual and material worlds. They also believe that the reason we cannot experience the spiritual world is that there are 'veils of concealment' that shield us from the perfection of the spiritual world. They therefore work to lift these veils, in order to become one with God while they are still on Earth. One of the ways that Sufi Muslims try to do this is to use the arabesque in depictions of the world.


What I was looking for was a saying that said Creation emanates from God like a reflection in a mirror...but I have no idea what search to use to find it, it being a quote from an old saint.

But there's another like this..from the Buddhists..brb...


In the Gosho "On Attaining Buddhahood," Nichiren Daishonin writes: "Even a tarnished mirror will shine like a jewel if it is polished. A mind which presently is closed by illusions originating from the innate darkness of life is like a tarnished mirror, but once it is polished it will become clear, reflecting the enlightenment of immutable truth" (MW-1, 5). In this well-known passage, the Daishonin draws parallels between the tradition of mirror-polishing and the process of attaining Buddhahood.

And this one brings up the Lotus Sutra....

Another Gosho states: "A bronze mirror may reflect the body but not the mind. The mirror of the Lotus Sutra reflects not only our physical form but our inner being as well. Furthermore, the sutra mirrors, with complete clarity, one’s past karma and its future effect" (Gosho Zenshu, p. 1521).


brb with the Lotus Sutra...oh...I should put this back a few posts!!


He reveals himself as the "father" of all beings and evinces the loving care of just such a father. Moreover, the sutra indicates that even after the Parinirvana (apparent physical death) of a Buddha, that Buddha continues to be real and to be capable of communicating with the world. The idea that the physical death of the / a Buddha is the termination of that Buddha is graphically refuted by the movement and meaning of this scripture, in which another Buddha, who "parinirvana-ed" long before, appears and communicates with Shakyamuni himself. In the vision of the Lotus Sutra, Buddhas are ultimately immortal.


that's from wikipedia...

and that's not the Lotus Sutra I was thinking of....I was thinking of when Buddha gave a sermon by just holding up his hand with his fingers making a kinda geometric's in the Sacred Geometry books explaining Dynamic Symmetry..

Anyway..TV is a 'glass wall" we all "fly" into and go thud!

Kindof a long way to get to that!!

In one of Buddha's lessons he just held up his hand, like I described, but which is described better as "threading a needle"...which indeed is one of the many hand positions that signifying some teaching...I dont study Buddhism..I just recalled that "lotus hand position" lesson in the book Power of Limits illustrating the logarithmic spiral...I think I have being right!...I've got the's in the Bus...tomorrow I'll straighten this out!...

But the needle threading angle is interesting!...

When a hawk spread it's wings to protect, as depicted in Old Egyptian art..the famous diorite statue with Horus behind Pharaoh's head with wings is called mantling...and they do it over their nests and chicks...I think...brb!...oh..and over their prey too...which is poetically exact in the Egyptian image...Pharoah is both prey and young of Horus.

Oh, enough for one nite!!


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