Saturday, January 26, 2008


I was thinking of venue in terms of a places to present one's right now the ice skating competition is on and the rink is the venue. Ice Skater's need an ice rink...and the skates that glide on the ice.

Yet another down day with movie after movie...and given an extra day off, tomorrow will be more of the same...

Today's afternoon fare...tail end of Time Machine..."I'm sorry about your machine." "It was just a machine."

The third Jurassic Park....the Pterodactyls flying into the sunset...big music finish...a bit before the young ones were trying to eat the kid....there's this kinda the critter's are just doing they're thing and we got in their way...notion....and the mad scientist with their bringing them back did a bad thing...but isn't it wonderful they're back? in truth gets away with a lot so long as alls well that ends well.

The Amyityville Horror..took a nap....then the Whisperer....the notion of voices of influence from outside our heads...the tin hat paranoia...may not be so far fetched as it traces back in history...and indeed many of the Old Bible stories Greek Myths hinge on heavenly, or devilish, influences.....

British Comedies and now the Ice Skating.

If not for Movie venues , Horror movies wouldn't have a venue. The silver screen is a kinda ice rink too.

And now by some "alls well that ends well" science everyone can have a little bit of ice to perform on. This to say I'm quite happy with my little blog space! A place to put my pics and poems and thoughts.

But this isn't enough for most...the world of competition to be on big stages lures many. Thousand and thousands lining up for American Idol.

The defence department made the first's important with war. And no one's sure just what it all it can hope alls well!

Oh..I forgot the post pocalypse Zombie war movie...there seems to be a series of these...and may even be derived from a video had that look.

A very dark two days of movies!!

New Journey to Center of the Earth coming Sunday...

The actor, Heath, I really liked in the Knight movie...didn't realize he'd died...and it's sad. Stories tell of his other movies, so I'll have to look out for I think about ice skating. Glad there are big it brings out the best.

Photogs should start, I'm thinking, by choosing what venue they want to pursue, and then going out and getting the appropriate gear. Aspiring old Master painters wanted to have their work in museums and palaces and churches and the homes of nobility, to make works for "good and noble" people one said. Ansel Adams sought to have his work in galleries and museums, and all the rest I imagine too. These big places required the big 8x10 field camera.

For these little blog spaces the 12x is just fine! And I imagine while the nobility are perched in the the foreground are the groundlings...and from hereabouts something for everyone.
Stay, illusion!
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