Tuesday, January 1, 2008


That's the Redtail atop the Cedar looking back...out front is Half Dome in the evening light....

Last night Planet of the Apes was on back to back to back to etc. etc..!!...I surfed about looking at Birder Blogs...and found something I need to fill out...roller pigeons I think they're called...brb...


The seven cases in Southern California, along with charges filed against defendants in Oregon and Texas, are part of a 14-month investigation by special agents with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. In California, a special agent infiltrated several roller pigeon clubs and learned about members' efforts to trap and kill raptors, specifically Cooper's hawks, red-tailed hawks and Peregrine falcons, according to court documents.



sorrow increaseth

Fox network is doing a Terminator series...chronicle of Sarah....Drew was 0n...now world vision...

The pigeons have seizures in flight...and do somersaults while unconscious..I guess...here's a blogger's take...nope..not that one...sometimes I link too soon...anyway...there's lot out there and some YouTubes of roller pidgeons...

Friends is on with Smelly Cat video!

Tree in the Door

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